Aired: Jun 27, 2020 , Saturday at 9:00 on Netflix

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Episode Summary: Claudia reveals to Adam how everything is connected -- and how he can destroy the knot.
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The Dark Season 2 Explainer You Need Before Season 3 Drops on Netflix

The third and final season of Dark premieres on Saturday, June 27. Netflix's thrilling German sci-fi drama revolves around the interconnected families of a small German town, the roles they play in the apocalypse, and the future of humankind. The show deals heavily with the themes of time travel and the multiverse -- Season 3 will introduce another world entirely -- and features an exceptionally intricate and complex narrative that loops back in on itself as well as travels into the fut... more

'Dark' First Trailer: Season 2 Takes German Netflix Series Further Down the Rabbit Hole

[YouTube=1rb52qRwdCc] For anyone who hasn’t yet caught up with the first season of “Dark,” Netflix’s German-language original series, it’s almost pointless to try to give a few sentences of plot summary here. If the teaser trailer below that the streaming service provided to accompany its release date announcement seems like a cacophony of multiple timelines and doomed family members and meticulously crafted evidence walls, that’s the world that Jonas (Louis Hofmann) finds himself plunged into by the first season&rsqu... more


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