Curb Your Enthusiasm

Aired: Feb 09, 2020 , Sunday at 22:30 on HBO

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Episode Summary: Travel plans go awry when Larry brings an impromptu date to a destination wedding. At the hotel, Larry finds himself in a sticky situation when he goes searching for a toothbrush.
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Curb Your Enthusiasm Recap: Don't You Dare Call a Scone a 'Fancy Muffin'

It’s safe to say Curb Your Enthusiasm‘s Larry David has a… unique perspective on social politics. On Sunday’s episode, he can’t help himself as he fights for his favorite pastry, becomes smitten over artificial fruit and is annoyed by garbage cans. Leave it to Larry. At the top, Larry visits a former New York City pastry chef because he’s scouting out scones for ... more

Curb Your Enthusiasm Recap: 'Latte Larry' Goes to War with Ted, Jeff, His Lawyer and, Well, Everyone

Last week’s premiere of Curb Your Enthusiasm made it pretty clear: Larry’s going to war. So, will Latte Larry enact his battle plan against Mocha Joe tonight? Maybe not, but let’s see what shenanigans he gets into anyway. Larry meets with his lawyer to discuss the sexual harassment complaint from his assistant. If she gets anything from this lawsuit, Larry’s dead-set on leaving the country. Canada sounds nice, but it’s cold, he s... more

'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Music: How the Italian Tuba March Found Its Way to Larry David

When “Curb Your Enthusiasm” returns for its much-anticipated 10th season it does so with it a musical theme that’s a prime example of recognizable sonic branding and has become synonymous with comedy in our complicated times: “Frolic” by composer Luciano Michelini. But surprisingly, this comic march for tuba, mandolin and piano wasn’t specifically written for the series. Rather, it was composed as a throwaway piece for an obscure Italian film (“La Bellis... more


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