Crimewatch Roadshow

Aired: Sep 25, 2019 , Weekdays at 9:15 on BBC one

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Episode Summary: The Crimewatch Roadshow Live team needs help to crack the UK's biggest unsolved cases as well as tackle the everyday crimes that could affect any one of us. On the road, Michelle Ackerley is live from the south east. And she meets some of the newest recruits to the police service. In the studio, former detective Rav Wilding has the latest crime appeals more
... from all over the UK, as well as tips, advice and features including the newest crime fighting gadgets Each weekday morning, the team asks viewers for help to solve crimes featured in dramatic reconstructions, identify criminals caught on CCTV and track down wanted faces. Michelle travels across the country and goes behind the scenes with police forces as they reveal how they are taking on the crooks. Appeals on the programme have let to arrests on crimes including rape, drug dealing, fraud, grievous bodily harm, kidnap, burglary and murder. Once again, the team are ready to take phone calls live in studio and are hoping viewers can help catch even more criminals this year. Your call could be all it takes to put an offender behind bars.
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