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After discovering that the spy agency he works for is hiding a gateway to a parallel dimension, a low-level UN bureaucrat in Berlin is thrust into a shadow world of intrigue and danger and must determine if he can trust his near-identical counterpart in the other world.
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Counterpart: SEASON 2, EPISODE 10: Better Angels | TVBuzer

Aired: February 17,2019

Mira's looming threat forges some unlikely alliances.... more

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You to You

Can Mira pull off what she's trying to do? On Counterpart Season 2 Episode 9, we discovered just how capable Mira is when it comes to planning the end of the crossing and her plan of vengeance beforehand. It's hard to imagine anyone will be able to stop her. But if anyone is going to do it, Howard Prime and Baldwin appear to be the impending heroes.  In this world, there is one episode remaining to bring this beautiful series to a close. No, it's not official... more

In from the Cold

Yanek was right. Those aren't my words, but those of Howard Alpha from Counterpart Season 2 Episode 8, as he and Howard Prime grow ever more similar while living in each other's shoes. The Howards journey to narrowing the void between them comes when Clare and Baldwin are feeling similarly with regret for what they've done to their others.  Everybody is dealing with the effects of what they have and haven't done. There is no doubt that the understa... more

No Strings Attached

Many of you claim watching this series often makes you more confused as time passes. Counterpart Season 2 Episode 7 shouldn't do anything to make that situation easier, as the more that gets revealed about Ian, the more difficult it is to understand. Just when it seemed he might not be that integral to the proceedings, he becomes a highlight. Similarly, everything we thought we knew about Mira continues to unravel, as she didn't treat all of the students with the same disdain... more



Counterpart: "Counterpart" Canceled at Starz, EP Says Season 3 Is Being Shopped Elsewhere News | TVBuzer

"Counterpart" Canceled at Starz, EP Says Season 3 Is Being Shopped Elsewhere

We spy bad news for fans of Counterpart. On our side, at least, the sci-fi espionage drama has been cancelled by Starz after two seasons, just days ahead of its sophomore finale (airing Sunday, Feb. 17). Producer MRC, however, is shopping the series to streaming platforms, for possible salvation. “Hey #Counterpart fans, a bit of sad news… Starz has decided not to pick up our show for a 3rd season,” series creator Justin Marks shared on Twitter. “Fingers c... more

Counterpart: 'Counterpart' Season 2 Trailer: The Two Howards Really Struggle with a Life Swap in J.K. Simmons-Led Starz Spy Drama News | TVBuzer

'Counterpart' Season 2 Trailer: The Two Howards Really Struggle with a Life Swap in J.K. Simmons-Led Starz Spy Drama

Twice the Howards, twice the J.K. Simmons, twice the number of seasons of “Counterpart” premiering in 2018. In another double move, the Starz drama released a full trailer for its second season 2 months ahead of the release date, showing a world where both Howard Silks (Simmons) are grappling with the ramifications of their season-closing swap. One is particularly not happy (and this time he has a convenient growth of ... more


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