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Created by and starring comedian Brent Butt, the half-hour reboot of the iconic Canadian series sees the return of all the beloved characters of Dog River, Saskatchewan, as they partake in new adventures in an expanded animated universe.
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Corner Gas Animated Episode Guide | TVBuzer

Corner Gas Animated Episode Guide


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AIRED ON August 05,2019

Season 2: Episode 11


  • Season 2
    • CURRENT EPISODE AIRED 08/05/19 AT 08:00 PM ON Comedy Central

      Corner Gas Animated Season 2 Episode 11: Doctors Without Borders | TVBuzer
      The locals are confused about Wanda's PhD; Lacey gets mistaken for a cool adult by teens; Oscar finds something sinister about Davis and Kar...
    • Anger Games
      Episode 10
      Wanda creates her dream video game; Lacey and Karen offer to help Davis release his pent-up stress; Oscar and Emma break out the crokinole b...
    • 07/29/19
      Brent, Hank and Emma have a viral video contest; Karen and Davis try to GPStag the locals; Lacey asks Wanda to secure her WiFi....
    • Bush League
      Episode 8
      Wanda goes power mad; Davis and Karen make a dangerous bet; Oscar recalls "the incident" that made him give up the game for good; Brent and ...
    • 07/22/19
      Hank wants to change methods; Wanda uncovers a shocking truth about founding pioneer woman Jane T. Wright; Oscar tries to sneak into the fai...
    • Oedipus Hex
      Episode 6
      Ike's barn burns down and Lacey wants to help; Lacey organizes a bachelor auction to raise money, attracting a mystery woman who bids high f...
    • Paper Sashay
      Episode 5
      When Wullerton's weekly paper goes under, the gang worries the Dog River Howler will too; Wanda and Emma set out to recruit new advertisers,...
    • 07/08/19
      Emma sees high art in Hank's hedge-trimming and sells his services around town; prompted by Oscar, Brent tries to collect on the IOUs piling...
    • 07/08/19
      Karen and Davis discover a mannequin dumped in the woods and try to solve the crime; at Corner Gas, Brent surprises Wanda with a scanner; in...
    • 07/01/19
      Brent gets a new drone that he uses to terrorize Oscar. Meanwhile, Wanda and Emma set out to test a turkey's intelligence....
    • Episode 1
      Episode 1
  • Season 1
    • 06/25/18
      Lacey and Brent help Hank build a zip-line downtown; Davis and Karen crack down on the free corner; Oscar and Emma win a free robot vacuum....
    • 06/18/18
      At the Summer Solstice Deck Party, the locals compete for a seat in the sun, Brent sells popsicles and Karen and Davis must share a gun....
    • Smoke-a-Cola
      Episode 11
      A new cola drink inspires Brent to workout while Wanda finds herself attracted to a cardboard cutout of the cola's mascot. Oscar and Davis f...
    • Retro Grade
      Episode 10
      Wanda convinces Brent and Hank into re-taking their high school exams to see who is smarter while the Citizens of Dog River plan a 70s party...
    • 05/28/18
      Lacey wants to take pictures of a Blue Moon rising over Dog River, but things get awkward when she and Brent realize just how romantic moon-...
    • Rum Punch
      Episode 8
      Hank accidentally punches Brent and they agree Brent can punch Hank back to settle the score. But when Brent takes his sweet time to make hi...
    • 05/14/18
      Lacey is horrified to discover that she's featured in sexy graffiti scrawled on the side of The Ruby and Davis investigates.Emma offers to c...
    • 05/07/18
      After Hank watches Hippothermia, an apocalyptic movie, the citizens of Dog River decide they need an emergency plan in case the end of the w...
    • 04/30/18
      Wanda accidentally clogs the town sewer system, forcing everybody to go to the bathroom in a porta potty. Emma and Oscar try to have a photo...
    • 04/23/18
      Wanda is frustrated smartphones have replaced her as the town's wellspring of knowledge so she sends clickbait texts tothe citizens of Dog R...
    • 04/16/18
      Brent and the gang are annoyed when Lacey tries to make them eat local, but they soon have no choice but to eat farm-to-table when the town'...
    • 04/09/18
      Davis and Emma share an obsession for the hit fantasy TV show THRONE STRIFE, much to Karen's chagrin. Bored, she starts hanging out with a r...
    • Bone Dry
      Episode 1
      When Brent messes up a gas order and Corner Gas runs out of fuel, Oscar steals all the food at the station to teach his son a lesson. No gas...
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