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Genre: Musical / Drama


Lawyer and former First Daughter Hayes Morrison is about to accept a job offered from her sexy nemesis, NY District Attorney Wayne Wallis, to avoid jail time for cocaine possession and avoid hurting her mother’s Senate campaign. Working with his team at the new Conviction Integrity Unit will let her use her brilliant mind to turn over cases, where there is credible suspicion of more
... wrongful conviction, and give her a chance to turn things around with her high-powered political family.
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Conviction Episode Guide | TVBuzer

Conviction Episode Guide



  • Season 1
    • Hayes revisits the failed case of Gerald Harris from her days as a defense attorney - the very case where she met Wallace nearly a decade ea...
    • 01/15/17
      Former President Morrison pays Hayes an unexpected visit and lobbies her (and CIU) to take on the case of Omar Abbas, a Muslim-American citi...
    • Black Orchid
      Episode 11
      While Hayes and Wallace struggle to balance their professional and personal lives, they are summoned to a crime scene that fits the M.O. of ...
    • Not Okay
      Episode 10
      After Hayes and Wallace share a passionate night together, Hayes returns to reality and cautiously considers sticking her toe into relations...
    • 12/05/16
      Wallace brings the case of a death-row inmate, Earl Slavitt, to the CIU. Earl was convicted of murdering federal prosecutor Tom Simon, one o...
    • Bad Deals
      Episode 8
      CIU revisits the case of Sierra Macy, a teenage girl who was kidnapped ten years ago and assumed dead - until she manages to escape her capt...
    • A Simple Man
      Episode 7
      The next case Hayes accepts for the CIU is that of Leo Scarlata, a man with diminished mental capacities, imprisoned for burning down his fa...
    • #StayWoke
      Episode 6
      The accidental death of a young African American boy, shot by a cop, sparks a racial firestorm and inspires Hayes to re-examine the controve...
    • 11/07/16
      Hayes launches into damage-control mode following her controversial nationally televised interview, seeking to limit the repercussions withi...
    • 10/24/16
      Hayes' recent transgressions spark a media firestorm. Meanwhile, she and the team tackle the highly sensitive case of a mother, Penny, convi...
    • 10/17/16
      The CIU team works to exonerate a political activist serving a life sentence for planting a bomb at a mosque that killed a prominent Imam an...
    • 10/10/16
      Hayes confronts Wallace head-on, investigating the case that made his career: the Prospect 3. Three young white men confessed to the rape an...
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      Hayes Morrison needs to dig herself out of what could be a publicly embarrassing situation. She makes a clandestine deal with her adversary,...
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