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Episode Summary: Continuum is an hour long Canadian science fiction series created by Simon Barry currently...
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'Bones' Season 11 Premiere Recap: What Fresh Hell Has Booth Gotten Himself Into?

While "The Loyalty in the Lie" isn't as catastrophically shocking as Bones' season ten premiere was, it's an intense and satisfying vintage B&B episode. If you are expecting a plethora of head-scratching quandaries, cool lab toys, an irritating character with murky intentions, lots of blood and gore, a hero putting his life on the line, a message about the family loyalty, some even-handed sentimentality, and smatterings of romance and humor ... then you will not be disappointed. The more

John Wesley Shipp’s Character on ‘The Flash’ Unmasked

John Wesley Shipp ’s top-secret role on The CW’s 'The Flash' is no longer a secret! So, just who will Shipp be playing? The man who once played The Flash in the ‘90s TV series will now be playing Barry Allen’s (Grant Gustin) father, Henry Allen, in the 2014 TV series. In February, it was announced Shipp would be joini... more

Where Are They Now?: 'The X-Files'

In 1993, FOX debuted a little Chris Carter created show about aliens and government conspiracies called 'The X-Files.' Initially shot in Vancouver, for very little money, the popularity of 'The X-Files' grew with each passing year, eventually cementing its place as the defining sci-fi series of the 1990s. While it's true that 'The X-Fil... more


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