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The series follows an epidemic that breaks out in Atlanta, leaving the large city quarantined and those stuck on the inside fighting for their lives. The drama tells the story of loved ones torn apart, and how the society that grows inside the cordon reveals both the devolution of humanity and the birth of unlikely heroes.
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Containment: SEASON 1, EPISODE 13: Path to Paradise | TVBuzer

Aired: July 19,2016

With only one shot to take Dr. Lommers down for good, Lex carefully plans his next steps. Jana, Suzy, Teresa and Xander make their dangerous escape out of the cordon, but unexpected road blocks threaten to destroy their chance of making it home. Inside the cordon, Dr. Cannerts and Jake make a breakthrough discovery following a risky experimental tr... more

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Path to Paradise

It's been a fun ride, hasn't it, y'all? Containment Season 1 Episode 13 definitely managed to wrap this limited series up with a neat little bow.  Since we've known this was the only season of Containment we'd be getting, the countdown to resolution has been ticking. There could be no cliffhangers in the final episode, and what we were given was a nice end to what has been a pretty great series. But truthfully, I'm still trying hard not to be disappointed that this is all we... more

Yes Is the Only Living Thing

We only have ONE EPISODE LEFT of Containment, y'all, and before I get into the meet of tonight's review of Containment Season 1 Episode 12 I have to say it's been a lovely, lovely ride.  We all came into this knowing it would be a limited series event but prepared to enjoy it anyway, and I'm going to be really, really bummed when it's over next week. And not just because I won't get a weekly dose of Chris Wood.  You guys have truly been fantastic, jumping i... more

Nothing Gold Can Stay

It's taken me over half an hour to begin processing my thoughts after that final scene of Containment Season 1 Episode 11, and quite frankly, I'm just not sure I'm even capable of writing anything profound or witty or smart. I'm just sad. Super, super sad. I have about .03% of hope remaining that maybe that ending wasn't what we all thought it was, but mostly I'm just...ugh. Damn. So Katie's probably, most likely dead. Cannerts' cure didn't work. In fact, it may have mad... more



Containment: The CW Orders 'Riverdale' and 2 More New Shows, Cancels 'Containment' News | TVBuzer

The CW Orders 'Riverdale' and 2 More New Shows, Cancels 'Containment'

The CW is going to have more original scripted content than ever before next season. In addition to the 11 renewed shows from this season and the news that the CBS drama Supergirl will move to the CW for season 2, the network has now picked up three new shows as well for the 2016-2017 TV season. However, one show that won't be back is Containment, which will end after season 1. The new shows set for the CW are more

Containment: 'Containment' Interviews: Cast and EP on Lex's Inner Turmoil, Teresa's Family Drama and Surviving News | TVBuzer

'Containment' Interviews: Cast and EP on Lex's Inner Turmoil, Teresa's Family Drama and Surviving

Containment puts its characters in a position where they have to do what's necessary to survive -- while also separating them from their loved ones. TVBuz got the scoop from David Gyasi, Hanna Mangan Lawrence and executive producer Julie Plec about how these characters struggle with their inner turmoil and how the world has changed for them because of a viral outbreak. Watch the video interview with David Gyasi: [YouTube=2UAFT3YzgO4] Here are a few high... more

Containment: 'Containment' Interview: Executive Producers on Devolution of a Neighborhod News | TVBuzer

'Containment' Interview: Executive Producers on Devolution of a Neighborhod

Containment may be about a viral outbreak in Atlanta, but it's much more. The virus sets the stage for a close examination of human behavior and showcases both the best and worst of humanity. TVBuz spoke with Showrunners Matt Corman and Chris Ord at last month's Wondercon about the show's themes, the tale's basis in reality, and whether there could be additional seasons of the show. Check out the video interview with Executive Producers Matt Corman and Chris Or... more


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