Aired: Jan 16, 2015 , Friday at 20:00 on NBC


Episode Summary: In order to fend off a vicious attack, John summons a demon into himself. Chas, Zed and Anne Marie race against time to save John before it's too late.
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The Saint of Last Resort, Part 2

I'm not sure waiting a whole month to air Constantine Season 1 Episode 9 was a great idea. The show had a nice momentum going. Anyway, Anne Marie had sacrificed John to the Invunche in order to escape. He in turn invited the demon, Pazuzu, into his body to fight off the nasty creature. Manny was not happy about any of this. That's where the fun begins this week and the Constantine team delivered another killer hour of television. Elsewhere, a kidnapped Zed has a vision of Anne ... more

The Saint of Last Resorts: Part 2

The invunche moves in on the wounded Constantine, while Anne Marie takes the baby to the surface and hands it over. Chas demands to know where Constantine is, but the nun says that she's sorry and goes in. Constantine takes an amulet out of his pocket and casts a spell. The invunche grabs his leg and tries to drag him off, and Constantine punches it until it backs off momentarily. He then finishes the spell and screams in agony, and his eyes glow red as he glares at the creature. After a moment, it runs of... more



'Arrow' Poll: Should Constantine Join Team Green Arrow Full-Time?

Constantine might have been cancelled but the character, John Constantine, now officially lives on in Arrow. As of the episode "Haunted," Constantine is a part of the grander CW/DC universe. Though "Haunted" was very much a one-off, the door was left open for another appearance down the line. Should Constantine become something more like an infrequent player on more

'Arrow' Recap: Constantine Arrives in Star City to Save Sara

Fans might not have been able to save Constantine when it appeared on NBC, but their lead actor and character has been given new life on Arrow. "Haunted" saw John Constantine introduced in the Arrow-verse and it was a great success. In fact, I'd say Constantine worked better on Arrow than he did on his own show.... more

7 Things You Need to Know About 'Arrow' Season 4

Arrow is back and better than ever. Five months have past since the events of season three. Oliver and Felicity are finally together and kissed their crime-fighting days goodbye, but don't expect that to mean "happily ever after." The past is sure to rear its ugly head towards the dynamic duo. There are a lot of things going on in season four, so you need to be prepared. In order to do that, here are 7 things you need to know about Arrow s... more


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