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Episode Summary: Manny sends John to help an old friend, Ritchie Simpson, at Ivy University where a group of students have a found a way into an alternate dimension only to be met by a maniacal killer.
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A Whole World Out There

I'll be honest, the preview for Constantine Season 1 Episode 11 didn't seem particularly interesting. The episode, however, turned out to be a genuinely scary hour of television. I enjoyed spending time with Ritchie Simpson this week, Chas and Zed earned their little break. Things seemed better between John and Ritchie after this insane adventure. I'm glad, the guy needs all the help he can get. Only two episodes left, can you believe it? Foolish college kids in a graveyard mes... more

A Whole World Out There

At a mausoleum in a graveyard, two couples drink and jokingly prepare to cats a ritual from a book. One of the men, Adam, explains that a man, Jacob Shaw, claimed that using the rituals in the book, he could travel to other worlds. The two couples recite the ritual from the book and they each find themselves in an old house, alone in different areas. One of the women, Miranda, picks up a book, unaware that Jacob Shaw is watching her. A young man grabs the other woman, Lily, and says that "he" can see them ... more



'Arrow' Poll: Should Constantine Join Team Green Arrow Full-Time?

Constantine might have been cancelled but the character, John Constantine, now officially lives on in Arrow. As of the episode "Haunted," Constantine is a part of the grander CW/DC universe. Though "Haunted" was very much a one-off, the door was left open for another appearance down the line. Should Constantine become something more like an infrequent player on more

'Arrow' Recap: Constantine Arrives in Star City to Save Sara

Fans might not have been able to save Constantine when it appeared on NBC, but their lead actor and character has been given new life on Arrow. "Haunted" saw John Constantine introduced in the Arrow-verse and it was a great success. In fact, I'd say Constantine worked better on Arrow than he did on his own show.... more

7 Things You Need to Know About 'Arrow' Season 4

Arrow is back and better than ever. Five months have past since the events of season three. Oliver and Felicity are finally together and kissed their crime-fighting days goodbye, but don't expect that to mean "happily ever after." The past is sure to rear its ugly head towards the dynamic duo. There are a lot of things going on in season four, so you need to be prepared. In order to do that, here are 7 things you need to know about Arrow s... more


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