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Aired: Oct 26, 2018 , Friday at 3:00 on Netflix

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Episode Summary: A revolutionary attack divides the witches and mortals of Greendale, and Sabrina braces for a life-changing choice.
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The Witching Hour

It gets worse before it gets better, although in Sabrina's case it is like there is no silver lining left to look out for. In an almost ironic turn of events, everything that Sabrina feared is brought to Greendale and she has no choice but to accept what she was trying to escape this entire time. During Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 1 Episode 10, the Dark Lord finally found a way to get Sabrina to sign the Book of the Beat. Madam Satan manages to convince her to do it in the nam... more



Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 3 Trailer: Sabrina Goes Through Hell to Save Greendale (and Her Boyfriend)

Is it hot in here, or is Sabrina Spellman just headed to hell? Chilling Adventures of Sabrina returns for Part 3 next Friday, Jan. 24, and in a just-released new trailer — which you can watch above — our favorite teen witch is consumed with thinking about H-E-double hockey sticks… mostly because her boyfriend Nick is suffering down there with Madam Satan looking on. Everything’s out of balance back on Earth, too, so Sabrina has to head down to the... more

Sabrina Goes 'Straight to Hell' in Revealing Music Video for Part 3

Long-distance relationships can be tough, especially when your boyfriend is being held prisoner in the bowels of the underworld. Never mind that his body is also being inhabited by Satan, who just so happens to be your biological father. Unfortunately, this incredibly specific scenario is precisely the conundrum Kiernan Shipka‘s titular witch is facing when Chilling Adventures of Sabrina return... more

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 2: Grade the Premiere! Plus, the Stars React to That Big Romantic Twist

We were promised a “darker” turn for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina‘s titular teenage witch in Part 2, and after watching the first hour, I’m wondering how much darker it can possibly get. The premiere of Part 2 — which dropped in full on Friday — found Sabrina abandoning Baxter High to become a full-time student at the Academy of Unseen Arts, much to her Aunt Hilda’s dismay. Hilda even confided in Mrs. Principal Wardwell that she fears Sabrina’s decision marked a “prelude to further, darker... more


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