• Chicago PD Season 1 Episode 16: Season 1 Episode 16 | TVBuzer
  • Chicago PD Season 1 Episode 15: A Beautiful Friendship | TVBuzer
    Atwater is settling into his new gig on intelligence as Antonio is relegated to desk duty while recovering. Lindsay finally realizes she has...
  • Chicago PD Season 1 Episode 14: The Docks | TVBuzer
    The Docks
    Episode 14
    As Antonio's life is now in question, Voight and Platt open up about their pasts. Jin is caught while tinkering with Voight's computer and u...
  • Chicago PD Season 1 Episode 13: My Way | TVBuzer
    My Way
    Episode 13
    Commander Perry notifies the Intelligence unit that Pulpo has been released to help track down a dangerous cartel leader. This doesn't sit w...
  • Chicago PD Season 1 Episode 12: 8:30 PM (2) | TVBuzer
    8:30 PM (2)
    Episode 12
    The Intelligence Unit works to find the bombers. Even with government agencies in the mix, Voight and his team work the case from their own ...
  • Chicago PD Season 1 Episode 11: Turn Off the Light | TVBuzer
    Voight and the team discover a massacre, eight million in cash stolen and two wounded men in a clearing house. During questioning, one guy, ...
  • Chicago PD Season 1 Episode 10: At Least It's Justice | TVBuzer
    Voight pulls Halstead's badge when Lonnie Rodiger is found dead. After a car accident Severide and Clarke discover the torso of Dr. Elliot w...
  • Chicago PD Season 1 Episode 9: A Material Witness | TVBuzer
    In responding to a call Atwater and Burgess discover a gunshot victim and the only witness is Lexi Olinsky. The shooting is tied to a Latin ...
  • Chicago PD Season 1 Episode 8: Different Mistakes | TVBuzer
    Voight is assigned a new Internal Affairs handler, Stillwell who proves to be suspicious of Voight's actions. During an investigation involv...
  • Chicago PD Season 1 Episode 7: The Price We Pay | TVBuzer
    The Fitori murder case is brought to the intelligence unit and Voight's son, Justin, may be involved. Gradishar fills Antonio in on the arra...
  • Chicago PD Season 1 Episode 6: Conventions (2) | TVBuzer
    Voight and Antonio enlist the help of agents at the Special Victims Unit in New York, Fin and Rollins, to help track down the culprit of a s...
  • Chicago PD Season 1 Episode 5: Thirty Balloons | TVBuzer
    Atwater and Burgess are given a new patrol car, but are challenged with keeping it brand new. A run in with a psychotic woman leads the Inte...
  • Chicago PD Season 1 Episode 4: Now Is Always Temporary | TVBuzer
    More is learned about Halstead's dislike of the Rodiger family and it's family relationships all around as Olinsky shows a paternal side wit...
  • Chicago PD Season 1 Episode 3: Chin Check | TVBuzer
    Chin Check
    Episode 3
    Voight and team head to a house that's been associated with a number of top gangs. Events at the search result in Ruzek, being encouraged to...
  • Chicago PD Season 1 Episode 2: Wrong Side of the Bars | TVBuzer
    Antonio's son was kidnapped and he has a feeling the Columbian drug gang is to blame. Pulpo, the Columbian gang leader, is being held in jai...
  • Chicago PD Season 1 Episode 1: Stepping Stone | TVBuzer
    After a slew of brutal slayings, District 21, led by Sergeant Hank Voight go after a Columbian drug cartel cleaning house in Chicago. They d...