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The men and women of the Chicago Police Department's District 21 put it all on the line to serve and protect their community. District 21 is made up of two distinctly different groups: the uniformed cops who patrol the beat and go head-to-head with the city's street crimes and the Intelligence Unit that combats the city's major offenses - organized crime, drug trafficking, high more
... profile murders and beyond. The vast responsibilities that these jobs entail extend far beyond the walls of the precinct, often taking an emotional toll on personal lives of these men and women.
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Chicago PD Episode Guide | TVBuzer

Chicago PD Episode Guide


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AIRED ON February 12,2020

Season 7: Episode 14

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Season 7: Episode 15


  • Season 7
    • Initiation
      Episode 17
    • 03/04/20
      An armed robbery case quickly turns into a homicide investigation. When one suspect's background suggests domestic violence, Upton is forced...
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      Chicago PD Season 7 Episode 15: Burden of Truth (2) | TVBuzer
      Intelligence searches for the dealer who caused multiple overdoses and is connected to Roman's missing sister. The case becomes a homicide i...

      Chicago PD Season 7 Episode 14: Center Mass | TVBuzer
      Center Mass
      Episode 14
      A homeless man's murder leads Intelligence to a criminal who has evaded capture for years. Rojas has a troubling experience with a young men...
    • I Was Here
      Episode 13
      After receiving a distressing 911 call, Burgess enlists the team's help to track down a girl caught up in a sex-trafficking ring....
    • 01/22/20
      Voight makes a deal with Darius Walker to help bring down a rogue group of dirty cops dealing drugs that were supposed to be destroyed. Upto...
    • 01/15/20
      Ruzek and Burgess's secret begins to have severe implications for their police work. A series of deadly acts of vandalism causes tensions to...
    • Mercy
      Episode 10
      As they await news of Halstead's fate, the team turns their attention to an illegal arms dealer. Atwater discovers his brother is in Chicago...
    • Absolution
      Episode 9
      Halstead's secret ongoing relationship with a woman connected to another case puts him in jeopardy....
    • No Regrets
      Episode 8
      After injuring herself while pursuing a suspect, Burgess receives a shocking diagnosis. A homicide case turns into a missing persons case, w...
    • Informant
      Episode 7
      Voight pulls Darius in after Crawford asks Intelligence to investigate a dangerous drug, but there is little trust in the relationship. When...
    • 10/23/19
      A murder in a Bulgarian neighborhood results in a challenging investigation when locals won't talk to police. Ruzek has a clash with a patro...
    • 10/30/19
      The shocking murder of young boys affects Halstead. Crawford encourages Intelligence to use a new facial recognition software to help identi...
    • Infection (3)
      Episode 4
      After zeroing in on the suspect responsible for the bioterrorism that's gripping Chicago, the PD prepares to undertake their biggest manhunt...
    • Familia
      Episode 3
      After a botched carjacking turns out to be something much bigger, Voight's unit goes toe-to-toe with a smart drug kingpin who only works wit...
    • Assets
      Episode 2
      When Atwater goes undercover in a dangerous South Side drug syndicate, he learns there may be more to its kingpin than meets the eye. Halste...
    • Doubt
      Episode 1
      When Kelton is found murdered, Voight's grudge against the mayor-elect puts him under suspicion. Upton and Halstead are eager to prove their...
  • Season 6
    • Reckoning
      Episode 22
      With Kelton's election all but assured, Voight and his team must go off-book in a last-ditch effort to save Intelligence from getting axed....
    • Confession
      Episode 21
      Antonio struggles with his guilty conscience as he tries to take down a major drug dealer. In order to protect his team, Voight takes a big ...
    • Sacrifice
      Episode 20
      A violent crew is hitting pharmaceutical delivery trucks and stealing drugs, but their motivation is more complicated than just money. The c...
    • 04/24/19
      Intelligence's investigation into the murder of Burgess's boyfriend threatens to reveal a dark side she was unaware of. But the real motivat...
    • This City
      Episode 18
      With the threat of a gang war looming, Voight and Ray Price must organize a peace summit to end the bloodshed before more innocent people ge...
    • Pain Killer
      Episode 17
      A mayoral candidate is shot by an unidentified sniper, and Intelligence races to catch the shooter before he can take out his next target....
    • The Forgotten
      Episode 16
      Voight and the Intelligence Unit focus all their effort and resources into investigating the disappearance of an exotic dancer who served as...
    • Good Men (2)
      Episode 15
      Second part of a crossover with "Chicago Fire": Using information from Chicago Fire's Cruz, Intelligence chases down the robbery crew that's...
    • Ties That Bind
      Episode 14
      Upton and Burgess find themselves in a difficult situation when Intelligence tracks a cache of cop killer machine guns to a local gun show i...
    • 02/06/19
      Atwater goes undercover to bring down the longtime head of a criminal enterprise and becomes entangled in a situation that tests his allegia...
    • Trust
      Episode 11
      When a defense attorney is murdered after a fundraiser, Intelligence must confront the world of campaign finance, which makes them reconside...
    • Outrage
      Episode 12
      While chasing a heroin supplier, CPD crosses paths with a convicted criminal recently released on a technicality. Halstead's history with th...
    • Brotherhood
      Episode 10
      Voight and Ruzek lock horns over how to handle the aftermath of the Antonio situation. Meanwhile, a series of violent carjackings turns dead...
    • Descent
      Episode 9
      In an attempt to dig himself out of a hole and save someone close to him, Antonio crosses a line that puts the entire team at risk....
    • 11/14/18
      While CPD tries to take down a drug kingpin, Atwater faces a tough choice between doing what's required to solve the murder of a young deale...
    • Trigger
      Episode 7
      Intelligence suspects the leader of a local mosque is behind the bombing of an Army recruitment station. After a second explosion, Voight ur...
    • True or False
      Episode 6
      The wife of an alderman is beaten to death, and Voight is under pressure from First Deputy Superintendent Brennan to close the case. To elic...
    • 10/24/18
      While undercover, Ruzek discovers his father is working for a suspected drug dealer and is forced to ask the question: is his dad involved?...
    • Ride Along
      Episode 4
      A ride along goes sideways, and Burgess is faced with a difficult choice: follow the advice of Voight, or a potential new ally....
    • Bad Boys
      Episode 3
      Politics get in the way as the team tries to rescue a teenage girl kidnapped by a robbery crew. Voight and Platt try to exonerate Olinsky....
    • Endings (3)
      Episode 2
      After discovering the true cause of the high-rise fire, Intelligence races to find the man responsible. And for Halstead, it's personal....
    • New Normal
      Episode 1
      Bad heroin is causing overdoses in Chicago, and Intelligence is a man down with Voight suspended. Antonio takes charge, but Ruzek undermines...
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