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Executive producer Dick Wolf delivers the newest installment of the compelling Chicago franchise, an emotional ride through the day-to-day chaos of the city's most explosive hospital and the courageous team of doctors that holds it together. They will tackle unique new cases inspired by topical events, forging fiery relationships in the pulse-pounding pandemonium of the emergen more room, and through it all, familiar faces from the Chicago Police and Fire departments will intertwine as this third team of Chicago heroes hits the ground running.
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Chicago Med: SEASON 5, EPISODE 20: A Needle in the Heart | TVBuzer

Aired: April 15,2020

Dr. Crockett is visited by two New Orleans detectives who have questions about his past. Dr. Choi puts his life in danger to save a child. Dr. Charles gives fatherly advice to his young daughter.... more

Chicago Med LATEST REVIEWS | TVBuzer


Just A River In Egypt

Can someone tell Choi that he's not always right? On Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 19, he might have risked a patient's life to try to prove that his patient was suicidal -- something which was never proven one way or the other. Now that he's broken up with April again, at least he won't be making decisions based on his hatred of Marcel, but sheesh. To be clear, it was understandable that Choi had questions about Zach's alleged accident. The kid avoi... more

In the Name of Love

Okay, now I'm mad! And it's not because of the latest Ethan/April nonsense, either. Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 18 provided one of the best demonstrations of how cruel the health care system can be if you're poor, and little Augie's plight broke my heart as much as it broke Ben's. Throughout the hour, the writers implied that Augie's foster mother was a negligent parent, and then that turned out not to be the truth at all. Ms. Ruth wasn't deliberat... more

The Ghosts of the Past

Thank goodness April's secret is out. Ever since she and Marcel kissed, she's been in this annoying holding pattern where she's with Ethan and secretly feeling guilty. That changed on Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 17, along with a whole lot of stuff for other people working at Med. Ethan's reaction was predictable, but it was still a satisfying ending to this part of the story. April's latest stupid decision led to a low-key reveal that was followed by an explo... more



Chicago Med: Chicago Med EPs Preview Episode 100's 'Crisis Point' and 'Very Joyous' Wedding News | TVBuzer

Chicago Med EPs Preview Episode 100's 'Crisis Point' and 'Very Joyous' Wedding

You are cordially invited to Chicago Med‘s 100th episode wedding celebration — and to a truth-telling session. After meeting in chemotherapy and facing numerous hardships, including a close call with death, Maggie and Ben will tie the knot during Wednesday’s milestone installment (airing at 8/7c on NBC). “We wanted an event that would bring everybody together, [where] you could see all of the cast together,” executive producer Diane Frolov says. EP Andrew Schne... more

Chicago Med: Ask Ausiello: Scoop on Grey's Anatomy, Homeland, Schitt's Creek, Sabrina, Supernatural, This Is Us, Evil and More News | TVBuzer

Ask Ausiello: Scoop on Grey's Anatomy, Homeland, Schitt's Creek, Sabrina, Supernatural, This Is Us, Evil and More

Question: I need to know who that was in Randall’s kitchen in this week’s This Is Us!—Patricia Ausiello: Crazy, right? Though I’ve been bound to secrecy, I can let this little tidbit slip: That scary moment from the midseason premiere pales in comparison to the shocking way a character we know and love reacts to something that happens in the next episode. Question: Dean’s time in Hell has been referenced ... more

Chicago Med: Chicago Med: Yes, That Was Justice's [Spoiler]! - Plus, a 'Chexton' Surprise News | TVBuzer

Chicago Med: Yes, That Was Justice's [Spoiler]! - Plus, a 'Chexton' Surprise

If Chicago Med made you do a double-take on Wednesday, that’s perfectly understandable. The episode featured a guest spot from Chicago Justice vet Joelle Carter, who starred as private investigator Laura Nagel on the short-lived spinoff. But on this week’s Med, Carter played a completely different character: a f... more


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