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The firefighters, Rescue Squad and paramedics of Chicago Firehouse 51 risk their lives week in and week out to save and protect the citizens of their incredible city. This is an extended family and everyone inside Firehouse 51 knows no other way than to lay it all on the line for each other.
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Chicago Fire: SEASON 8, EPISODE 4: Infection (1) | TVBuzer

Aired: October 16,2019

A rare but deadly bacteria takes its toll on numerous victims around the city, leaving Chicago's finest first responders to work together alongside the CDC to resolve the dangerous situation. Following a fire at a local university that ties into the outbreak, Severide has suspicions that something bigger is happening.... more

Chicago Fire LATEST REVIEWS | TVBuzer


Infection, Part 1

Halloween seems to have come early this year, as nothing says goodbye October like flesh-eating bacteria. Yes, you read that right, as our favorite firefighters, doctors, and police officers on Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 4 tried to figure out what was exactly causing multiple Chicagoans to develop necrotizing fasciitis. While disgusting to see onscreen, let's take a moment to applaud the writers for coming up with something new, semi-realistic, and cohesive this year. ... more


It's good to have Brett back.  She wasted no time returniing to the station and jumping feet first into what she loves doing best on Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 3. . She's passionate about her job and cares about people, and she couldn't get the same feeling or make the impact she did with Isaac in a small-town as a part-time EMT. Many shows explore the corruption found in prisons and detention centers. It's horrific when CO's and others abuse their authori... more

A Real Shot in the Arm

It seems there is a new candidate on Truck 81. Everyone should give a warm greeting to Blake Gallo, as Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 2 ended with Boden, Casey, and Severide officially welcoming him to 51. The only question that really remains is how long this new firefighter will be around. Many of the "new" firefighters on this show don't really tend to last more than a season, though that has changed in recent years. I was pretty sure Foster was ... more



Chicago Fire: #OneChicago's 'Infection' Crossover Reignites 'Burzek' Relationship — Plus, Who Got Their Heart Broken? News | TVBuzer

#OneChicago's 'Infection' Crossover Reignites 'Burzek' Relationship — Plus, Who Got Their Heart Broken?

The #OneChicago “Infection” crossover proved to be a monumental event for some of the Windy City’s finest. After a fast-spreading, flesh-eating bacteria killed several citizens and forced the quarantine of an entire apartment building, the suspect responsible for its release was ID’ed as a disgruntled scientist who was researching diseases. When a big medical company refused to give him funding, he decided to teach them a rather nasty lesson. (Seriously glad I wasn’t eating while watching these episodes!) Altho... more

Chicago Fire: TVLine Items: #OneChicago Xover Trailer, This Is Us Promotion and More News | TVBuzer

TVLine Items: #OneChicago Xover Trailer, This Is Us Promotion and More

[YouTube=EFZf7GFe1Bo] Prolific producer Dick Wolf on Monday released via Twitter the first trailer for NBC’s next #OneChicago crossover event. Airing Wednesday, Oct. 16, starting at 8/7c, the storyline involves the discover of deadly bacteria (on Chicago Fire) that takes its toll on numerous victims. In the Med installment, an apartment complex is forced into quarantine, after which P.D.‘s Intelligence Unit “wields a unique brand o... more

Chicago Fire: CHICAGO FIRE Season 7 Episode 1 Photos A Closer Eye News | TVBuzer

CHICAGO FIRE Season 7 Episode 1 Photos A Closer Eye

SEASON PREMIERE — Casey tries to deal with his unsettled personal life and the firehouse welcomes a new member. Boden clashes with new Assistant Deputy Commissioner Jerry Gorsch (guest star Steven Boyer). CHICAGO FIRE Season 7 Episode 1 Photos A Closer Eye. From renowned Emmy Award-winning executive producer Dick Wolf (“Law & Order” brand) and co-creator Derek Haas, the writer behind “3:10 to Yuma,” comes season six of the high-octane drama “Chic... more


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