Chesapeake Shores

Aired: Sep 22, 2019 , Sunday at 20:00 on Hallmark

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Episode Summary: Abby reconsiders her priorities and the future of her career with Jay's support. Trace rebuilds his trust with Emma and offers to buy Mick's share of The Bridge. Despite Abby and Trace's new relationships, each still holds a special place in the other's heart. Jess and David receive guests at the B&B earlier than anticipated. Kevin and Sarah navigate their f more
...uture including trying to figure out how many children they want. Nell offers advice to Mick and Megan when they encounter issues in their newly rekindled relationship. Meanwhile, Bree prepares for the premiere of her play, and Connor pursues a new job.
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    I agree about the odd scenes where Jess visits her family twice during the crisis at the Inn. In real life she’d be out shopping for beds and food for her guests, not worrying about her parents getting back together. Trace is not interesting anymore. I was tempted to fast forward through his scenes with the new girl. Abby seemed bored with Jay, especially on the lunch date, and they’ve just started going out. One question I have do all these siblings who have their own jobs, relationships and homes find time to get together to chat at various locations several times in the show? I’m lucky if I can see a couple of my family members every few months. It’s just not realistic. Also, one second Nana is on oxygen (why?) and the next minute she isn’t. Something important happened with her health and it was cut out. Her storylines were my favorite, so please cut back on the Trace/Jess/Bree/mom&dad stories and let us know what’s going on in her life please. Abby should c