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Macy, Mel and Maggie are three college girls from Hilltowne with somewhat special qualities: magical powers. Thus, each one possesses the following abilities: Maggie, the youngest is very athletic and passionate and can read the thoughts of the people. Mel is a fervent lesbian activist capable of stopping time and Macy is working in the laboratory of the town's university and h more telekinesis. Together they have the Power of Three, which they will have to use to face a multitude of challenges...
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Charmed (2018) Episode Guide | TVBuzer

Charmed (2018) Episode Guide


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AIRED ON April 11,2021

Season 3: Episode 9

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AIRS ON April 18,2021

Season 3: Episode 10


  • Season 3
    • TBA
      Episode 12
    • TBA
      Episode 11
    • NEXT EPISODE AIRS 04/18/21 AT 09:00 PM ON The CW

      Charmed (2018) Season 3 Episode 10: Bruja-Ha | TVBuzer
      Episode 10
      As the Charmed Ones try to contain what was unleashed from the Tomb of Chaos, they discover who created it...and why....
    • CURRENT EPISODE AIRED 04/11/21 AT 09:00 PM ON The CW

      Charmed (2018) Season 3 Episode 9: No Hablo Brujeria | TVBuzer
      The Charmed Ones are visited by a mysterious stranger looking for answers. Macy helps Jordan face down the past....
    • 03/28/21
      Macy reels from an encounter with the Shea Group and Maggie uses her psych background to get to the bottom of it....
    • Witch Way Out
      Episode 7
      The Charmed Ones take on the Tomb of Chaos while navigating ever greater challenges in their professional lives....
    • 03/14/21
      While Harry and Macy unravel the mystery of an ancient magical artifact, Mel helps Abby track down an unseen evil force. Maggie deals with a...
    • Yew Do You
      Episode 5
      The Charmed Ones battle surprising new "nemeses" in both the magical and human world; Macy's pursuit of a cure is interrupted by a shocking ...
    • 02/21/21
      The Charmed Ones encounter a new, magical obstacle as they try to relaunch themselves in the human world....
    • Triage
      Episode 3
      The Charmed Ones must come to terms with their romantic relationships as they face the greatest sacrifice of their lives....
    • 01/31/21
      The Destruction of the Sisterhood looms large as the Charmed Ones face down The Faction. Harry and Macy are divided over a potential ally - ...
    • 01/24/21
      The Charmed Ones' lives are in jeopardy as The Faction closes in. Macy and Harry struggle to define their relationship....
  • Season 2
  • Season 1
  • Special
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