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Celebrity Big Brother is the first celebrity edition of reality hit Big Brother and follows a group of celebrities living together in a house outfitted with 87 HD cameras and more than 100 microphones, recording their every move 24 hours a day. Each week, someone will be voted out of the house, with the last remaining Houseguest receiving a grand prize.
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Celebrity Big Brother (US) NEWS


Should CBS Do Another Season of 'Celebrity Big Brother'?

Celebrity Big Brother has been a modest success for CBS. It's certainly not going to bring in huge ratings opposite the Winter Olympics, but it's been averaging around 5 million viewers per episode and drawing a decent amount of attention, mostly due to Omarosa. But will CBS renew it for a second? Should they? On a game-level, it has been a refreshing surprise. The celebrity HGs aren't afraid to make big moves and flip the vote, offering more aggressive... more Comments

Why 'Celebrity Big Brother' Casting Is to Blame for the Quitters

Celebrity Big Brother has featured two exciting Monday night live evictions, both including live Power of Veto competitions and potential shake-ups in the game. However, both of those nights ended with a fizzle as Keshia Knight Pulliam and Metta World Peace both begged their fellow houseguests to evict them because they wanted to go home, and they were given what they wanted. Technically this isn't quitting since they got evicted, but it looks a lot like quitti... more Comments

Did the 'Celebrity Big Brother' House Overreact to Brandi's Sympathy Vote?

Shannon Elizabeth's eviction from the Celebrity Big Brother house should've been a simple thing. Shannon was everybody's biggest threat and the house seemed in agreement that she needed to go, especially against a nonentity like Mark. Yet, at the last second, Brandi Glanville threw Shannon a sympathy vote and made Shannon's eviction one vote less than unanimous. Brandi's move severely angered the house, particularly her own alliance. With one vote, Brandi is... more Comments

Omarosa Put Herself in the Perfect Position to Win 'Celebrity Big Brother'

There's no remaining contestant on Celebrity Big Brother who's been down a rougher road than Omarosa. Granted, it's a hell completely of her own making but Omarosa has been up against a lot of opposition in Celebrity Big Brother.  By winning the fourth Head of Household, however, Omarosa has caught a bit of break (and shook up the house in the process.) Riding high on her HoH win, Omarosa struck a final four deal with James, Mark and Metta. If this alli... more Comments

'Celebrity Big Brother' Spoilers: Who Are the 4th HoH's Nominees?

It's another fast turnaround for Celebrity Big Brother. Shannon Elizabeth was evicted on Friday night, but afterwards a new HoH was chosen, the nominations are set and on Monday we'll get a live Power of Veto competition and eviction. But with a looming PoV twist, anything can happen. Omarosa is the new HoH. She nominated Ross and Brandi. Omarosa made it clear that her target is Ross. She talked to... more Comments

'Celebrity Big Brother' Spoilers: Who Are the 3rd HoH's Nominees?

Celebrity Big Brother has featured two shocking live evictions, but the nominations have been fairly standard. First a woman won HoH and nominated two men. Then a man won HoH and nominated two women. So what is the plan for the third eviction? Ariadna Gutierrez is the new HoH. She nominated James Maslow and Shannon Elizabeth. Despite talk of trying to backdoor Shannon, Ariadna decided with the direct appro... more Comments

Mark Might Be Playing the Best Game on 'Celebrity Big Brother'

The Celebrity Big Brother house might not be full of the biggest fans of the game. Yet the shortened season has facilitated some of the most aggressive early gameplay from the series ever. There's been so many alliance flips, backstabs and surprises in Celebrity Big Brother and only two houseguests have been evicted. Between Ross Matthews, Shannon Elizabeth and Omarosa, the contestants are playi... more Comments

Is There Any Way Shannon Can Save Her Game on 'Celebrity Big Brother'?

Thanks to an emotional borderline self-eviction where Keshia Knight Pulliam begged her houseguests to evict her so she could go home to feed her baby, Shannon Elizabeth was spared a backdoor plot. All of the pieces were put in place for Shannon's alliance to turn on her and for her to be evicted but it didn't happen. Even though her execution was stalled, Shannon's still in trouble. She's the biggest threat in the house and everyone's eventual target. However, there might be a small light at the end of Shannon's ... more Comments

'Celebrity Big Brother' Spoilers: Who Won the 3rd HoH Competition?

Celebrity Big Brother took a crazy turn for the second live eviction when a huge backdoor plan was derailed by Keshia Knight Pulliam begging to be evicted. As a result, Shannon Elizabeth was spared despite the fact that Ross, Marissa, Brandi, Ariadna and Mark were all in on the plan to backdoor her. In the aftermath, who won the next HoH competition? Ariadna Gutierrez is the new HoH. Well, that kills most of the suspense for this week.... more Comments

'Celebrity Big Brother' Spoilers: Will Ross Backdoor Shannon?

On Sunday's episode of Celebrity Big Brother, Ross Mathews became the new HoH and nominated Omarosa and Keshia Knight Pulliam. However, he suggested that there may be a bigger move to make: backdooring Shannon Elizabeth. Will he go through with that move? Since the Power of Veto will play out live Monday night immediately before the eviction, the plan is still up in the air. Ross has been going back and forth for most of the weekend on the idea to backdoor Shan... more Comments

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