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Casualty is a weekly television show broadcast on BBC One, and the longest running emergency medical drama television series in the world. Created by Jeremy Brock and Paul Unwin, it was first broadcast on 6 September 1986 and transmitted in the UK on BBC One. The producer was Geraint Morris. The programme is based around the fictional Holby City Hospital and focuses on the staf more
...f and patients of the hospital's Accident and Emergency Department.
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Casualty Episode Guide


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AIRED ON January 18,2020

Season 34: Episode 20


  • Season 34
  • Season 33
    • Episode 46
      Episode 46
      Feature-length episode of the hospital drama with the staff of Holby's accident and emergency department as they deal with more sick and inj...
    • Episode 45
      Episode 45
      When David sees that Charlie is struggling to cope, he intervenes and tries to remind Charlie that he is not alone, with his work 'family' t...
    • Episode 44
      Episode 44
      Reliving the events of the previous day and unable to escape her own guilt, Connie schemes to save herself by planting a seed of doubt in Du...
    • Episode 43
      Episode 43
      Connie takes the opportunity to prove herself, but it ends in disaster. Duffy proves her worth in the ED but gets caught up in Connie's mist...
    • Episode 42
      Episode 42
      Iain learns to put patients first without compromising his mental health. Jade is gutted when she discovers Marty has won the bursary, until...
    • Episode 41
      Episode 41
      Jacob says a final goodbye to Omo, and a desperate Archie turns to Ciaran for help....
    • Episode 40
      Episode 40
      Duffy makes the tough decision to hang up her uniform. Jacob discovers a truth from his past. Connie is furious with Ciaran when she finds o...
    • Episode 39
      Episode 39
      Connie's worst fears are realised when she comes back from her conference to find Ciaran has taken over her ED and her office. Everything im...
    • Episode 38
      Episode 38
      Ruby plucks up the courage to confess about Dani, Jade finds someone who believes in her and starts to believe in herself, Ciaran is tested ...
    • Episode 37
      Episode 37
      Iain steps up and offers his support to Jan. Trouble shooter Ciaran arrives in the Emergency Department. With just three months to turn thin...
    • Episode 36
      Episode 36
      Elle learns the truth about her new job and confronts Connie to find out if she gave her a glowing reference to get her out of the emergency...
    • Episode 35
      Episode 35
      Will faces the biggest medical dilemma of his career when Toby returns to the ED. Ruby continues to keep Dani a secret, allowing her to get ...
    • Episode 34
      Episode 34
      Iain goes above and beyond on his first day back as a paramedic after his suicide attempt, and Duffy starts to doubt whether she should have...
    • Episode 33
      Episode 33
      Working as a 999 call handler helps Iain learn to open up, though he feels frustrated not to be out in the field....
    • Episode 32
      Episode 32
      With Gem's help, Rash makes the choice to follow his dream of travelling. Will risks Connie's wrath to help a patient, Charlie realises that...
    • Episode 31
      Episode 31
      Connie comes face to face with her attacker, and Will goes above and beyond what is expected of him, but his actions only make things worse....
    • Episode 30
      Episode 30
      Charlie snaps under the pressure of keeping Duffy's ill health a secret, and Rash puts aside his dreams of travelling the world to stick by ...
    • Episode 29
      Episode 29
      Archie butts heads with charming paediatric locum registrar Will Noble when they meet in the car park. Will reconnects with old university f...
    • Episode 28
      Episode 28
      Duffy finally lets Charlie in on her big secret and tells him about her Vascular dementia diagnosis. Charlie decides that it may be best to ...
    • Episode 27
      Episode 27
      The aftermath of Iain's attempted suicide ripples its way through the emergency department. Gemma struggles to come to terms with what has h...
    • Episode 26
      Episode 26
      A cyber-attack rocks Holby hospital at the worst possible time. Meanwhile, Ruby learns to trust her instincts as Iain's life hangs in the ba...
    • Episode 25
      Episode 25
      Marty plays counsellor for a couple who having problems with their relationship. After a busy and fulfilling day - treating patients includi...
    • Episode 24
      Episode 24
      Iain reaches out to someone from his past, but he does not get the response he was hoping for. Connie cannot remember the attacker, and is t...
    • Episode 23
      Episode 23
      Ernest arrives for his surgery, only to find it has been cancelled as there are not enough beds. Louise sets to work freeing up a bed for hi...
    • Episode 22
      Episode 22
      Jan learns the truth about her son and forgives Iain, while Ethan begins to move on from Alicia. Louise stands up for Jade and vows to prote...
    • Episode 21
      Episode 21
      Iain heads to Base's flat, but when he does not answer the door he becomes concerned and climbs through a window, only to find Base has take...
    • Episode 20
      Episode 20
      Alicia finds out that she has been offered a place on a coveted paediatric fellowship in Manchester, forcing her to make a decision on her f...
    • Episode 19
      Episode 19
      Alicia learns to trust her own medical opinion, and after self-diagnosing herself with dementia, Duffy visits a doctor to get checked. Robyn...
    • Episode 18
      Episode 18
      Iain gets beaten up, and Marty chooses his career over friendship with Jade....
    • Episode 17
      Episode 17
      Dylan faces a traumatic Christmas in Resus. Noel is delighted to have met his Christmas fundraising goal, but can't quite decide on a charit...
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