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Rick Castle is one of the world's most successful crime authors. But when his rock star lifestyle isn't enough, this bad boy goes looking for new trouble and finds it working with smart, beautiful Detective Kate Beckett. Inspired by her professional record and intrigued by her buttoned-up personality, Castle's found the model for his bold new character whether she likes it or n more
...ot. Now with the mayor's permission, Castle is helping solve crime with his own twist.
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5 Show Cancellations that Broke Our Hearts in 2016

Not every TV show can go on forever, but a lot of them seem to get the rug pulled out from under them way too early. In 2016, this happened with too many shows that deserved to carry on. From Rob Lowe's witty new sitcom to a captivating Marvel drama, here are 5 TV shows that we wish didn't get cancelled in 2016. 1. The Grinder This smart comedy paired up TV veterans Rob Lowe and Fred Savage as brothers. Lowe's character was an ex-TV act... more Comments

ABC Boss Talks 'Castle' Cancellation -- Plus Is the Original Finale on The DVD Set?

The letting go of Castle's co-lead Stana Katic and the series' later cancellation became one of the more controversial news stories of the TV year. Throughout all the anger, sadness and discussion, ABC remained relatively silent about the debacle.  Fans were left in the dark about why exactly Stana Katic (and co-star Tamala Jones) were being let go beyond vague budget issues. Fans didn't even know how seaso... more Comments

The 5 Best Kate Beckett Moments from 'Castle'

Odd couples and unlikely pairings have always been a staple in television, but those partnerships with staying power are few and far between. Rick Castle and Kate Beckett managed to become one memorable crime fighting couple for eight seasons on ABC's Castle, eventually becoming known as "Casket." While the show was named after the charming and quirky mystery writer, it wouldn't be entertaining without Beckett, who became just as vital to the long running series. ... more Comments

Richard Castle and Kate Beckett's Most Romantic Moments on 'Castle'

Castle finally wrapped up after eight seasons and gave Richard Castle and Kate Beckett an unexpected and bizarre, yet happy ending they deserved. Now we look back to five of the most heart-thumping Caskett moments: The First Kiss Season 3, Episode 13 "Knockdown" Though it was a ruse to distract a ... more Comments

ABC Reveals the Reason Behind Canceling 'Castle,' Showrunners Pen Letter to Fans

Opinions range on the Castle series finale. Some people are just happy that the series ended with Beckett and Castle alive, happy and surrounded by their children. Some are just confused about the abrupt nature of which ended. Others are just relieved that they don't have to live in a world where Castle continues without Beckett. No matter what kind of Castle fan you ar... more Comments

ABC's Fall 2016 Schedule: Comedy Expands to 5 Hours, 'Scandal' Pushed to Mid-Season

ABC's schedule for Fall 2016 includes even more comedy than ever before as well as five new shows. But there are a few noticeable absences, namely Scandal and the fact that Thursday nights are no longer 100 percent Shonda Rhimes. For ABC's comedy, the network is expanding to two hours on Tuesdays, moving The Middle to help launch the new full night.... more Comments

'Castle' Series Finale: How It Ended for Castle, Beckett and LokSat

"Everything ends in tragedy, even an epic love story like yours," Mr. Flynn tells Rick in the Castle series finale, "Crossfire." And while it looks like he might be right, a time jump reveals that Castle and Beckett survive the gunshot wounds they get, courtesy of Caleb, and have three children together. Here's what led to the series finale ending for Castle and Beckett. A Man Burns Someone Alive ... more Comments

Stana Katic, Nathan Fillion and the 'Castle' Cast React to the Show's Cancellation

Castle fans who refused to acknowledge or accept a potential season 9 without leading lady Stana Katic are getting their wish. Castle has been cancelled and will end with season 8. While a certain group of fans is probably rejoicing, or is at least satisfied, not everyone is so overjoyed. Various members of the Castle... more Comments

ABC Cancels 'Castle' After 8 Seasons

There's good news and bad news for Castle fans. The bad news is that ABC cancelled the drama after eight seasons. The good news is that ABC cancelled the drama after eight seasons. Weeks ago the news broke that if ABC were to renew Castle for season 9 that stars Stana Katic and Tamala Jones wo... more Comments

[WATCH] 'Castle' Season 8 Finale Promo: Will Beckett Die in Stana Katic's Final Episode?

Castle season 8 is coming to an end -- and so, it seems, is the LokSat case. But is it all going to end in tragedy? With this being Stana Katic's final episode, the big question on everyone's mind is: Will Katie Beckett die? The promo for "Crossfire" points to yes. The synopsis for the season 8 finale is as follows: "With their best lead in hand, Castle and Beckett are ready to take on LokSat. But an unforeseen twist... more Comments

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