Castle Rock

Aired: Jul 25, 2018 , Wednesday at 0:00 on Hulu

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Episode Summary: Molly Strand has a secret.
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‘Castle Rock’ Season 2: Greg Yaitanes to Helm Premiere, Shares New Story Details — Exclusive

Production is underway on “Castle Rock” Season 2. Hulu’s Stephen King anthology series shifts its focus to Annie Wilkes’ origin story, and it’s bringing in a director from Season 1 who knows a thing or two about telling creative origin stories about complex characters: Greg Yaitanes is directing the Season 2 premiere. “I’m directing the first episode [and] an episode later in the season, too,” Yaitanes told IndieWire. “[Co-creator] Dusty [Thomason] pitched me a departure episode later in the season t... more

'Castle Rock' Review: Season 1 Finale Smartly Fuses Stephen King's Most Disparate Work for a Haunting End

After a wild episode set in an entirely new timeline, “Castle Rock” used the shaky ground established in “Henry Deaver” to provide moral instability in “Romans,” the Season 1 finale. What could have been a bloodbath, with mankind’s last decent man battling the devil incarnate, turned out to be a consideration of faith, certainty, and moral capability. In a world of extreme actions (like Ruth killing Alan or, you know, the existence of alternate universes), creators Sam Shaw and Dustin Thomason have crafted an en... more

'Castle Rock' Bosses on the Finale: 'What Do You Believe?'

The penultimate episode of the first season of Hulu’s “Castle Rock” offered many answers about why there were two men calling themselves Henry Deaver in the sleepy Maine town, and why one of them was kept in a cage under Shawshank Prison for decades. But those answers came from one of those men — the one otherwise known as The Kid (Bill Skarsgard) — and were therefore not objective. That meant the finale had to address whether or not to believe The Kid’s story about being rippe... more


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