Carol's Second Act

Aired: Oct 17, 2019 , Thursday at 21:30 on CBS

New Series

Episode Summary: Dr. Jacobs arrives late for work after running a marathon and collapses. Dr. Frost assigns Carol to be her attending physician while the rest of the interns are working on other injured marathon runners; Carol decides to take it as an opportunity to prove to Dr. Jacobs that she is deserving of her respect. Daniel and Lexie discover that Caleb has an irration more fear of feet, preventing him from helping them deal with the massive backlog of patients. They put him through exposure therapy, which allows him to overcome his fear. Carol finds that Dr. Jacobs is stubborn and refuses to take her advice or let her help, which she takes as a sign that Jacobs is unwilling to acknowledge her as a doctor. However, Dr. Jacobs explains that, being a black female physician, she has to hold herself to higher standards in order to be taken seriously. She then tells Carol that she does, in fact, respect her.
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CBS' Carol's Second Act: Grade It!

Everybody Loves Raymond‘s Patricia Heaton returned to CBS on Thursday night with the series premiere of Carol’s Second Act. The two-time Emmy winner plays Carol Kenney, a retired high-school science teacher who pursues her dream of becoming a doctor at age 50. We meet her when she introduces herself to the other interns — Daniel Kutcher (Baby Daddy‘s Jean-Luc Bilodeau),... more


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