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With almost twenty years of military and law enforcement experience between them, Rocco Vargas and Eli Cuevas are about to combine their talents and embark on a new adventure. Vargas and Cuevas are the new owners of Banditos Armory in the historic town of Ogden, UT. Their goal is simple, to take their expertise and passion and become the best one-stop shop for all things milita more
...ry. From fixing and testing a Cold War Russian tank, one of only a few in America, to solving the mystery of an unidentified Japanese WW2 contraption that Allied troops had never seen before - and didn't know how to fire. There's little that the team at Banditos won't do to investigate, restore, build, and test the most innovative, iconic machines in military history. No challenge or question is too big for Vargas and Cuevas, whether they're working with military historians and veterans, opening their door to inquiries from avid customers, or even seeking answers to burning questions of their own.
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Brothers in Arms: SEASON 1, EPISODE 5: Civil War Gatling Gun / Wall Gun | TVBuzer

Aired: December 18,2018

Rocco and Eli surprise the Banditos team with a Civil War Gatling gun and tasks them with making it hand-held and mobile. Then, a client visits and asks to have a 16th Century Wall Gun restored. They also help other clients with a WW II Liberator and a Winchester 1873 Revolver.... more

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