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Aired: Sep 08, 2013 , Sunday at 21:00 on amc


Episode Summary: Things heat up for Walt in unexpected ways.
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Lydia visits Todd in his lab to see the quality of the latest batch of meth. Jack and Kenny are also there and Todd suggests they wear their gas masks. The meth tests out to be 74% but Lydia questions where the blue color is. Jack says they will just add food coloring like they do to salmon. Later, when Todd and Lydia are alone, he apologizes to her for cooking the color out. He promises that he will get better as he cooks more. Lydia tells him that it's very important to her that the meth get better. After she lea... more

A Fierce Rivalry Ends in Shocking Violence

Now more than ever, things are coming together and coming apart on Breaking Bad. Coming together as plot lines and characters converge, as warring factions arrive at decisive victories and losses, as the landscape of the show is permanently altered. And coming apart as every manipulation has its cost, as "winning" becomes meaningless, as devastating violence erupts.Back in BusinessThis week's episode opens with the other end of Walt's closing telephone conversation last week.... more

Show Me the Money

Take a deep breath because you probably held yours for most of " To'hajiilee." Make no mistake, Breaking Bad is going out with a bang. The cat and mouse game continued between Walter and Jesse, as the former meth king turned car wash owner called Todd and his violent Neo-Nazi pals to take care of the former partner. Finally, the link between Todd cooking the meth for crazy Lydia (she's so shifty) and bringing Walter back into the fold was revealed as the payment for offing Jes... more



AMC Sets Linear TV Premiere for 'El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie'

“Breaking Bad” fans who don’t have a Netflix subscription will finally be able to see Vince Gilligan’s follow-up film, “El Camino.” AMC has set the linear TV premiere for the film for Feb. 16. The film, which premiered on Netflix and in theaters on Oct. 11, will air as part of a “Breaking Bad” marathon that begins on Sunday, Jan. 19. The marathon leads into the fifth season premiere of “Better Call Saul,” which is set for Feb. 23. The “Br... more

TV's Top 25 Episodes of the Decade

Before this decade, the idea of a network dropping an entire season on one day was not a serious one. Episodes aired week to week, occasionally back to back, and so it went — until streaming services made clear that they were willing to tread a different path. Suddenly, it seemed, TV’s release calendar featured more and more shows releasing a slew of episodes all at once, banking on keeping the audience’s attention with “bingeworthy” content. While exciting at first, this shift eventually started to flatten seaso... more

The Best Non-Netflix Shows on Netflix

It’s no secret that as a content producer, Netflix Originals have contributed heavily to the peak TV era. In fact, earlier this year the streaming behemoth announced a focus on originals to bank new subscribers. But that is far from all the platform does. In fact, in the sea of series on the service, there are more than a few licensed gems. Beloved classic series such as “Friends” and “Frasier” have seen second lives (and picked up quite a few new fans who were too young or — gasp — perhaps not even born yet a... more


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    HATED the ending of this weeks episode. There's just no way those guys could have missed so many damn bullets. Even I got fucking better aim


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