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Aired: Sep 01, 2013 , Sunday at 21:00 on amc


Episode Summary: An unusual strategy starts to bear fruit, while plans are set in motion that could change everything.
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Rabid Dog

Walt returns home to see Saul's car on his front lawn with the door left open. Walt sneaks in through the back door with his gun drawn. He finds the empty gasoline container and the carpet soaked with gas. He tells Jesse to show himself but receives no response. Walt searches through the house but doesn't see Jesse. Outside in the car, Walt discovers a CD. When Huell picks up Saul's car, Walt asks him to look after his son. Walt calls Jesse to let him know they can talk to fix their situation, in... more

The Walt vs. Jesse Showdown Begins

Last week's final scene caused a bit a of a debate on the utility of flash-forwards: the episode closed with Jesse maniacally dousing the White house with gasoline, but there was never any threat of him igniting it because we've already seen the house still standing in the future. For my money, I love Breaking Bad's flash-forwards: they establish tone magnificently, they add more suspense than they subtract, and in my opinion, finding out how the plot unfolds is significantly more exciting than r... more

Down the Rabid Hole

Forget the lumps on Walter White's lungs. It's clear where the true malignancy lies on Breaking Bad: All around this former chemistry teacher, whose decision long ago to break bad in order to do good (in his mind) came full, dangerous circle on " Rabid Dog," as those within his inner circle were infected by the same disease that has consumed their loved one for a year now. No, not cancer. A stubborn, laser focus on what needs to be done. A belief that they are in the right and, ... more



'Better Call Saul's' Bob Odenkirk Reveals the One Thing That Doesn't Make Sense to Him About Saul Goodman

Selling the dramatic cliffhanger at the end of Monday night’s episode of “Better Call Saul,” titled “Wexler v. Goodman,” proved a challenge for even star Bob Odenkirk. In a lively chat on “Variety After-Show” on Instagram — where Odenkirk answered questions from fans — following the episode’s airing, he also revealed that one of the season’s last two remaining epi... more

AMC Sets Linear TV Premiere for 'El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie'

“Breaking Bad” fans who don’t have a Netflix subscription will finally be able to see Vince Gilligan’s follow-up film, “El Camino.” AMC has set the linear TV premiere for the film for Feb. 16. The film, which premiered on Netflix and in theaters on Oct. 11, will air as part of a “Breaking Bad” marathon that begins on Sunday, Jan. 19. The marathon leads into the fifth season premiere of “Better Call Saul,” which is set for Feb. 23. The “Br... more

TV's Top 25 Episodes of the Decade

Before this decade, the idea of a network dropping an entire season on one day was not a serious one. Episodes aired week to week, occasionally back to back, and so it went — until streaming services made clear that they were willing to tread a different path. Suddenly, it seemed, TV’s release calendar featured more and more shows releasing a slew of episodes all at once, banking on keeping the audience’s attention with “bingeworthy” content. While exciting at first, this shift eventually started to flatten seaso... more


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