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Dennis Booker who once worked for the LAPD is now hired by the US office of a large Japanese Company to investigate some suspicious insurance claims. He hates authority and being told what to do, he even goes on his own missions to benefit his friends and family, not the government. Booker ran alongside season 4 of 21 Jump Street and is a spin-off of 21 Jump Street
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Booker Episode Guide



  • Season 1
    • Booker has trouble relating to his father, whom he believed had abandoned his family fourteen years earlier, when his dad shows up to reveal...
    • Mobile Home
      Episode 21
      Booker helps Tony search for his first home, which has vanished off its lot, stolen by three siblings hunting for hidden treasure....
    • Crazy
      Episode 20
      A crazed killer Booker testified against escapes from custody and leads him on a game of cat and mouse....
    • 04/08/90
      A six-year-old girl manages to steal Booker's heart as he searches for her missing father, a repo man whom he believes is involved in an aut...
    • 04/01/90
      An old high-school friend comes to Booker for help when he finds himself engaged to two women, both of whom have vengeful, violent relatives...
    • Reunion
      Episode 17
      At his high-school reunion, Booker is asked by his former girlfriend to find her fiance, the guy she dumped Booker for, who has disappeared....
    • Love Life
      Episode 16
      Booker becomes entangled in the web of a high-class prostitution ring when he befriends a prostitute suspected of murdering one of her clien...
    • 02/18/90
      Booker goes undercover as a ski instructor at an exclusive resort to protect a Teshima-insured diamond from a suspected jewel thief....
    • Booker is enlisted to help Chick and his old army buddy track down members of a foreign military outfit threatening to assassinate them....
    • Hacker
      Episode 13
      During the course of an investigation into a mysterious computer virus, Booker befriends a young hacker who is being hunted by crooked Feder...
    • 01/21/90
      Booker gets some unwanted help from Suzanne who wants to share the reward being offered for finding the killer of a fashion designer....
    • The Red Dot
      Episode 11
      Booker is stalked by a mysterious hitman while working on a missing persons case....
    • Cementhead
      Episode 10
      Booker is truly happy with his latest assignment; he gets to look after his boyhood hero- a professional hockey player who is hoping to make...
    • 12/10/89
      Booker joins a Japanese executive from the home office on an all night search for singer B.B. King's stolen guitar, which is insured by Tesh...
    • 11/26/89
      Booker sets out to bring down Raymond Crane, the unethical businessman who cost Booker his job on the police force....
    • Flat Out
      Episode 7
      Booker goes after Suzanne, a wild young woman who jumped out on bail Teshima put up and is being pursued by mobsters who are taking steps to...
    • Bete Noir
      Episode 6
      Booker sets out to expose a woman whom he suspects has killed her first two husbands, in order to collect the insurance money, before she ma...
    • 10/29/89
      Alicia turns to Booker for help when her ex-husband, a compulsive gambler who is always looking for the perfect system, disappears along wit...
    • High Rise
      Episode 4
      It's up to Booker and Katie to defeat gunmen who have entered Teshima Tower, sealed off the building and taken the company's top executives ...
    • 10/08/89
      Booker becomes romantically involved with a Teshima executive while trying to keep a 14 year old orphan away from an allegedly reformed crac...
    • The Pump
      Episode 2
      After Booker's old colleague, Judy Hoffs, from his days as a member of 21 Jump Street, he sets out to find the shooter. But also still misse...
    • Booker
      Episode 1
      Dennis Booker, after leaving 21 Jump Street and the police force, is unemployed and has no luck finding a new job. His former boss, Captain ...
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