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A mysterious tattooed woman with no recollection of her own past or her own identity is found naked inside a travel bag in Times Square by the FBI. They discover that her tattoos contain clues to crimes they will have to solve.
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Blindspot: SEASON 5, EPISODE 11: Iunne Ennui | TVBuzer

Aired: July 23,2020

Turn off your mind relax and float down is not is not dying.... more

Blindspot LATEST REVIEWS | TVBuzer


ZIP Ties

After incredibly short incarcerations and death, the Blindspot team is barreling toward the finish line. The final fates of Madeline and Weitz were decided on Blindspot Season 5 Episode 9 and Blindspot Season 5 Episode 10. But Ivy and the ZIP are still on the loose as we get to wait two weeks for the series finale. Why two weeks? Good question. One that should be directed to NBC programmers. Next Thursday, NBC is airing a 30 Rock upfront special a... more

Ghost Train

That can't be it for Patterson, can it? The brains of the fugitive FBI agents appeared to have been killed on Blindspot Season 5 Episode 8. But seriously, if TPTB were going to kill off one more agent, wouldn't it have been RIch Dotcom? And besides, Keaton got gunned down this episode after betraying Zapata under duress, so that's a high enough body count, right? So let's save the eulogy for Patterson for now and see if she arises from the thermite ... more

Awl In

This episode was a story about parents and their children. The fugitives found themselves stretched thin as they attempted to eliminate ZIP, the memory-wiping chemical that Madeline had promised to Ivy, on Blindspot Season 5 Episode 7. At least one ally of the team was holding tough. Ivy located Allison, but fortunately not Bethany, and turned her over to Madeline, as a show of good faith in Ivy's effort to recapture the renegade FBI agents. Ivy was... more



Blindspot: Blindspot's Shortened Final Season Held for Summer 2020 on NBC News | TVBuzer

Blindspot's Shortened Final Season Held for Summer 2020 on NBC

The fates of four Blindspot characters will hang in the balance a little longer than expected. TVLine has confirmed that the NBC drama’s fifth and final season — which was missing from the network’s just-released midseason schedule — will be held until Summer 2020. A specific premiere date has not been announced, but Blindspot‘s swan song will be shorter than previous seasons, spanning just 13 episodes. During Bl... more

Blindspot: Ratings: MacGyver and Five-0 Rise, Blindspot Returns to 10-Month Highs News | TVBuzer

Ratings: MacGyver and Five-0 Rise, Blindspot Returns to 10-Month Highs

NBC’s Blindspot resumed Season 4 on Friday night with 3.1 million total viewers and a 0.6 demo rating, ticking up from its fall finale to deliver its best numbers since March 23 and 30 of last year, respectively. TVLine readers gave the Jaimie Alexander showcase an average grade of “B+.” Leading out of that, The Blacklist (3.7 mil/0.6) dipped to a new audience low while holding onto last week’s demo low. Elsewhere…. CBS | MacGyver (6.6 mil/0.8) and Hawaii Five... more

Blindspot: BLINDSPOT Season 4 Episode 2 Photos My Art Project News | TVBuzer

BLINDSPOT Season 4 Episode 2 Photos My Art Project

BLINDSPOT Season 4 Episode 2 Photos My Art Project – The entire intelligence community is put in jeopardy when Remi (Jaimie Alexander) co-opts an FBI case. Also starring Sullivan Stapleton as Kurt Weller, Rob Brown as Edgar Reade, Audrey Esparza as Tasha Zapata, Ashley Johnson as Patterson and Ennis Esmer as Rich DotCom. Special Guest Star Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio as Madeline Burke. Guest starring Gloria Reuben as Kira Evans, Chad Donella as Jake Keaton, Josh Dean as Boston Arliss Crab and Tim Guinee as Boris Solokov/Jason Stack. The cast inclu... more


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