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Follow Danny "KP" Kirkpatrick and his crew at 'IAMCompton,' the first-ever tattoo shop in Compton. Compton, known for its musical influence and iconic street art, is an artistic melting-pot ready for the newest tat crew to share their talent.
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Black Ink Crew Compton Episode Guide | TVBuzer

Black Ink Crew Compton Episode Guide


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AIRED ON October 16,2019

Season 1: Episode 10


  • Season 1
    • CURRENT EPISODE AIRED 10/16/19 AT 10:00 PM ON VH1

      Black Ink Crew Compton Season 1 Episode 10: You Can't Run From The Devil | TVBuzer
      Vudu travels to Washington to confront her abusive, cult-leader stepfather and things take an unexpected turn; Lemeir and Danielle head to t...
    • 10/09/19
      KP severs ties with Barbie for good; Lemeir's mom is in town and he considers how to pop the question to Danielle; Barbie seeks revenge on N...
    • 10/02/19
      KP is left shocked and fuming after returning from the group camping trip and finding that the shop had been robbed while they were away. Me...
    • Big Bear Jail
      Episode 7
      Barbie's in Big Bear jail; Vudu wanders off alone into the woods; Nessie's sobering up with a major case of regret....
    • 09/18/19
      KP decides to take the crew out of Compton to fix their issues with each other; tensions arise when Tim's belligerent behavior hits a peak; ...
    • 09/11/19
      The tension between Vudu and Alana reaches a boiling point, and things go from bad to worse as KP tries to boost shop morale with a team pho...
    • Drama jumps off and things get heated between Tim and Lemeir after KP hires a new artist for the shop. Business is at an all time high now t...
    • Opening Up
      Episode 3
      Red tape brings KP's ambitions to a grinding halt, as the grand opening party looms; Lemeir and Danielle receive heart-wrenching news from t...
    • 08/21/19
      KP has a hard time deciding what to do about the shop; Danielle and Lemeir prepare for their baby; Vudu has a meltdown; Nessie finds herself...
    • 08/14/19
      A look at the daily lives of tattoo visionary Danny "KP' Kilpatrick and the members of the ambitious staff at their shop in Compton, Calif....
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