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Aired: Jun 25, 2014 , Weekdays at 20:00 on CBS

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Episode Summary: This season promises to be the most twisted summer ever as 16 new Houseguests move into the Big Brother house to compete for $500,000.
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Premiere Move-In Day, Part 1

Welcome back, fellow hamster lovers! It's the premiere of Big Brother 16, aka the unofficial start of summer. I could not be more excited to spend the next three months of my life obsessively following every single move of the 16 new HGs as they face all of the new twists and turns the Chenbot can throw at them. I hope you'll join me. The first big change of Big Brother 16 is a two-night Move-In event. Half of the HGs move in tonight and the other half tomorrow, and there will be two HoHs. Thing... more

SVU Season 16 Episode 1 Review

In Law & Order: SVU Season 16 Episode 1, Sergeant Olivia Benson was repeatedly berated with this stinging question.  "Why do you care so much?" Joaquin Even when it was just a scumbag like Little Tino (or Joaquin, or Angel) trying to get under her skin, she let it get to her - let it pick at her brain and make her loose her cool.  But she's stronger for it. And, as this episode would h... more

Episode #1 - BB Season 16 - The 1st 8 of the 16 new Houseguests are introduced & HoH Comp #1A - Day #1

On the very 1st episode of Big Brother 16 which aired live we saw the very 1st new twist of the season occur when only 8 houseguests were revealed. They entered the house, picked out their beds then introduced themselves to each other. Later in the show the very 1st HoH contest was held which was called “Go Fly a Kite” which Frankie won. Before the show closed for the evening Julie Chen announced to the 8 Houseguests the 2nd new twist of the evening. Julie told the houseguests that 8 more houseguests would ... more



German 'Big Brother' Contestants to Learn of Coronavirus Crisis Almost Two Months Late

German broadcaster Sat.1 has decided to inform contestants of its latest “Big Brother” production of the ongoing coronavirus crisis that has put Germany into lockdown. The first group of contestants has been living in the “Big Brother” house in Cologne since Feb. 6, sealed off from the outside world. The show, which premiered on Feb. 10, added four new contestants last week who were instructed not to mention the... more

Big Brother Finale Recap: Did the Right Houseguest Win Season 21?

Only three Big Brother contestants were left standing on Wednesday’s Season 21 finale: two lovebirds, and a houseguest that loathes birds. Jackson Michie, Holly Allen and Nicole Anthony all survived 90-something days in the BB house, which culminated with the jury’s decision to award one player the $500,000 prize. But who claimed it? Before this season’s winner could be revealed, Big Brother had some finale-night business ... more

4 Things I Want to See from the 'Big Brother 20' Cast

Summer is right around the corner and that means the return of Big Brother on CBS. The show is currently in the final stages of casting and so far we know from executive producer Allison Grodner that Big Brother 20 will feature a brand-new cast. Over the years, we've come to accept certain things from a new cast. The overwhelming majority of them will probably be attractive men and women in their 20s ready to hop into a showmance as soon as possible. But what are some ne... more


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