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An actress raises her three daughters while juggling the pressures of working in Hollywood and being a single parent.
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Teary-Eyed Pamela Adlon Gets Champagne Surprise From Her Kids for 'Better Things' Season Finale

Pamela Adlon is wiping away tears and sniffling a bit. She just finished watching the Season 4 finale of her FX series “Better Things.” “I’m so emotional,” she said during an appearance on Thursday night on Variety’s “After-Show” on Instagram. “It just killed me. It’s very many feelings.” A few minutes later, Adlon’s three daughters were at... more Comments

Better Things Season 4 Finale Recap: The Kindness of Strangers... and Exes

If there’s one thing Better Things‘ Sam Fox desperately needs, it’s closure. While the Season 4 finale explores the kindness of strangers and the challenges of being a woman, it’s Sam’s relationship with her ex-husband Xander that takes center stage. Were they able to bury the hatchet? Here’s what went down in the FX comedy’s final Season 4 installment. After attending a Dodgers game, Sam, Duke and Murray rush to escape the swarming stad... more Comments

'Better Things' Finale: Season 4 Ends with a Seismic Shift for Pamela Adlon's Outstanding FX Series

Ghosts are walking among us, and they’re feeling very, very good. One ghost in particular gets a temporary spotlight in the “Better Things” Season 4 finale (now available on Hulu), as a gray-haired woman in a yellow dress (played by Ellen Geer) shares a bit of foresight with Duke (Olivia Edward), the Fox family medium. Duke regularly connects with spirits, whether it’s the recurring presence of her grandfather in Season 3 or during the otherworldly Season 2 episode, “White Rock,” so it’s not all that surpri... more Comments

Pamela Adlon on Rooting 'Better Things' Season 4 in Reality But Leaving Room for 'Magic'

Pamela Adlon is a true auteur. The co-creator, writer, producer, director and star of “Better Things” has the reins of the FX comedy, and she may hold them tighter than most performers who step behind the scenes, with her fingerprints on every stage of the storytelling, from outlines in the writers’ room to sound mixing during post-production. “I never could have imagined that I would have the discipl... more Comments

Better Things Season 4 Premiere Recap: Driving Through 'Steady Rain'

Pamela Adlon’s critically acclaimed FX series, Better Things, is back for its fourth season once again showcasing the fluidity of familial relationships. Themes from last season carry over — from Sam’s struggle to raise three daughters as a single mom, to her mother Phyl’s declining health — but as usual, it’s about riding the wave no matter how choppy it gets. Seconds into the premiere, we’re reminded how poignant thi... more Comments

'Better Things' Review: Season 4 Is an Experience Like Nothing Else on Television

Sam Fox is the ideal television star. Played with sagacious pluck by Pamela Adlon and inspired by her life, work, and family, the eccentric “Better Things” lead is curiously hard to read. Take an early Season 4 episode, when Sam discovers an owl nesting under her bedcovers. Will she freak out? Will she shoo it away? Will she take care of it, like she takes care of so many others? Will she make it a family affair, inviting h... more Comments

Pamela Adlon on Using the C-Word in 'Better Things' Season 4: 'It's About Who's Saying It'

The upcoming fourth season of “Better Things” is out to deconstruct how arguments between mothers and daughters can escalate so far as to get to a point where they are calling each other c—s. Maybe. The scene was written and performed, but creator, writer, producer, director and actor Pamela Adlon admits she hasn’t yet had the conversation with Standards & Practices to know if it can definitely s... more Comments

'Better Things' Review: Season 3 Finale Wraps a Powerful, Unparalleled Ghost Story

For Sam Fox’s 50th birthday, she gave herself the gift of peace. Of acquiescence. A break from her persistent quest for perfection — not that she thinks she’s perfect, but, like most people, she wants to get it right whenever possible. Mainly, Pamela Adlon’s lead character wants to be good to her daughters, but there’s Rich (Diedrich Bader), her mom (Celia Imrie), and her friends, as well. There are a lot of folks to look after in Sam’s life, and yet, as Season 3 made clear, who she really needs to look after is herself.... more Comments

Pamela Adlon Is Creating 'Better Things' On and Off-Screen

“I got no sleep and no Emmy!” It’s the morning after the 2018 Primetime Emmy Awards, and Pamela Adlon is tired. Walking through the set, amiably grousing to her chuckling crew, the showrunner, director, writer, producer, and star of “Better Things” has been up since the wee hours of the morning, preparing for the day’s shoot in Baldwin Hills — and that’s after staying out late in support of her FX comedy. Sure, she was nominated for acting, ... more Comments

"Better Things" Renewed for Season 4

Well, this news is simply the best: FX has renewed its comedy series Better Things for a fourth season, TVLine has learned. “With every season, Better Things becomes more vital, engaging and revelatory, cementing Pamela Adlon’s status as one of the most accomplished creative forces in television today,” said John Landgraf, chairman of FX Networks. “Rarely has there been a show that is so personal and, at the same time, so thoroughly universal in the w... more Comments

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