Better Things

Aired: Apr 04, 2019 , Thursday at 22:00 on FX

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Episode Summary: Sam and fam get caught up in some gnar.
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Teary-Eyed Pamela Adlon Gets Champagne Surprise From Her Kids for 'Better Things' Season Finale

Pamela Adlon is wiping away tears and sniffling a bit. She just finished watching the Season 4 finale of her FX series “Better Things.” “I’m so emotional,” she said during an appearance on Thursday night on Variety’s “After-Show” on Instagram. “It just killed me. It’s very many feelings.” A few minutes later, Adlon’s three daughters were at her ... more

Better Things Season 4 Finale Recap: The Kindness of Strangers... and Exes

If there’s one thing Better Things‘ Sam Fox desperately needs, it’s closure. While the Season 4 finale explores the kindness of strangers and the challenges of being a woman, it’s Sam’s relationship with her ex-husband Xander that takes center stage. Were they able to bury the hatchet? Here’s what went down in the FX comedy’s final Season 4 installment. After attending a Dodgers game, Sam, Duke and Murray rush to escape the swarming stadium. ... more

'Better Things' Finale: Season 4 Ends with a Seismic Shift for Pamela Adlon's Outstanding FX Series

Ghosts are walking among us, and they’re feeling very, very good. One ghost in particular gets a temporary spotlight in the “Better Things” Season 4 finale (now available on Hulu), as a gray-haired woman in a yellow dress (played by Ellen Geer) shares a bit of foresight with Duke (Olivia Edward), the Fox family medium. Duke regularly connects with spirits, whether it’s the recurring presence of her grandfather in Season 3 or during the otherworldly Season 2 episode, “White Rock,” so it’s not all that surprising ... more


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