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See the rise of Jimmy McGill, a small-time lawyer searching for his destiny, but hustling to make ends meet. Working alongside, and often against Jimmy, is ‘fixer’ Mike Erhmantraut. The series tracks Jimmy's evolution into Saul Goodman, the man who puts the word ‘criminal’ in ‘criminal lawyer’.
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'Better Call Saul' Star Giancarlo Esposito Reflects on Gus Recruiting Mike in Season 5

Giancarlo Esposito can arguably be called the king of peak TV, playing a key role in some of the most critically acclaimed TV of this era. Just this past year, he appeared in Disney Plus’ “The Mandalorian,” Netflix’s “Dear White People,” Cinemax’s “Jett,” Amazon Prime Video’s “The Boys,” Epix’s “Godfather of Harlem” and, of course, AMC’s “... more Comments

'Better Call Saul' Cast and Creator Break Down Season 5's Biggest Moments in the Variety Streaming Room

When “Better Call Saul” concluded its penultimate season this spring, the “Breaking Bad” prequel series had definitely entered the precipice of entering the grim criminal underworld of its predecessor. Lawyer Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) now deals with the drug cartel under his pseudonym Saul Goodman, and has brought his new wife Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn) into... more Comments

'Better Call Saul' Review: Masterful 'Bad Choice Road' Sets Up a Season-Capping Standoff

It’s common practice for a TV drama to let a season’s penultimate episode be the powerhouse. Whether it’s the 9th or 12th or 21st chapter, these often have the gut punches, the crescendoes, the left-field wallops that make the finales that follow feel more like a transition to a new reality. Ever ones for sneaky misdirects, the “Better Call Saul” braintrust almost had everyone fooled that last week’s exodus through the desert had served that function instead, effectively setting up a two-part finale that dutifu... more Comments

'Better Call Saul's' Bob Odenkirk Reveals the One Thing That Doesn't Make Sense to Him About Saul Goodman

Selling the dramatic cliffhanger at the end of Monday night’s episode of “Better Call Saul,” titled “Wexler v. Goodman,” proved a challenge for even star Bob Odenkirk. In a lively chat on “Variety After-Show” on Instagram — where Odenkirk answered questions from fans — following the episode’s airing, he also revealed that one of the season’s last two remainin... more Comments

Watch Our Live Bob Odenkirk Interview Following Tonight's 'Better Call Saul' at 7 P.M.

Find out why tonight’s episode of “Better Call Saul,” “changes it all” for main character Saul Goodman, played by Bob Odenkirk, in an in-depth, live interview with the series star on the “Variety After-Show.” After the episode premieres (7 pm PST, 10 pm EST) head over to Variety’s Instagram for a live question and answer session with Odenkirk going ... more Comments

'Better Call Saul' Review: 'Wexler v. Goodman' Is a Skillful Parade of Gut-Wrenching Switches

Refusing to take no for an answer is just one of the many double-edged swords on “Better Call Saul.” You could argue that the show’s existence (and frequent excellence) is a continuous rebuttal to all those who argued that the very idea of the show was a mistake. In a way, many of the characters on the show have stuck around precisely because they refuse to be bowed by whatever system is trying to restrain them. Gus’ ongoing defiance of the Salamancas means that both his squeaky clean chicken establishment and his murky rese... more Comments

'Better Call Saul' Review: 'Namaste' Is the Kind of Episode That Earns and Deserves Everyone's Trust

More than maybe any other show on TV, “Better Call Saul” has fully weaponized that nagging sensation you get in the back of your brain. Call it temptation, call it compulsion, call it a harbinger, but it’s that tiny sense of creeping uncertainty that elevates this show from a mundane examination of people in and around the legal profession to a show that gets at the core of human nature quicker and more efficiently than almost any other on TV. In “Namaste,” it&rsqu... more Comments

Better Call Saul Brought Back Breaking Bad's Hank and It Was the Best

I couldn't get that image of Jimmy's ice cream cone planted on the curb at the end of the second episode of Better Call Saul Season 5 out of my head all week. What a picture of sadness! A perfectly painted portrait signaling the end of the good times! Nothing is sadder than a dropped ice cream cone, just ask any 8-year-old. So imagine my elation when Episode 3, "The Guy For This," began with an army of ants descending on the frozen treat. The only thing missing from this open... more Comments

'Better Call Saul' Review: '50% Off' Continues the Season 5 Seesaw of Doomed Fates

Buying time has always been part of the fabric of “Better Call Saul.” Apprehended felons, contentious siblings, pleading attorneys: all of them are just trying to wring what time they can for themselves or the people they’re working for. A fifth of the way into Season 5, it’s not that the show is necessarily doing the same thing, but as was evident from the season premiere, wrestling with the impending conclusion of the show’s handful of individual arcs is going to... more Comments

Better Call Saul Just Reunited Two Major Characters, and the Importance Cannot Be Overstated

Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) said it himself in the Better Call Saul Season 5 premiere during a rant about his new clientele: Criminals gonna criminal! It's built in to his business model; Albuquerque's scummiest can't help themselves from being scummy because it's in their DNA. Add in Jimmy's 50-percent discount for non-violent crimes, and it's a hall pass for meth heads to let loose that leads ... more Comments

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