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Aired: Mar 23, 2020 , Monday at 21:00 on amc

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Episode Summary: Kim tries to pump the brakes on Jimmy's latest scheme, but it may be too late to stop Saul. Mike turns the heat up on Lalo. Nacho attempts to enlist support from above.
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Wexler v. Goodman

There were a lot of emotions being flown around in Better Call Saul Season 5 Episode 6, "Wexler v. Goodman." I’m not really sure how to feel after watching it, and that makes it a difficult episode to critique because a lot of this episode’s success depends on the consequences of the actions that took place here. Gus, Mike, Lalo, and Nacho’s storyline felt almost obligatory. There was nothing wrong with it nor anything particularly special; it just moved those pieces further along... more



'Better Call Saul's' Bob Odenkirk Reveals the One Thing That Doesn't Make Sense to Him About Saul Goodman

Selling the dramatic cliffhanger at the end of Monday night’s episode of “Better Call Saul,” titled “Wexler v. Goodman,” proved a challenge for even star Bob Odenkirk. In a lively chat on “Variety After-Show” on Instagram — where Odenkirk answered questions from fans — following the episode’s airing, he also revealed that one of the season’s last two remaining epi... more

Watch Our Live Bob Odenkirk Interview Following Tonight's 'Better Call Saul' at 7 P.M.

Find out why tonight’s episode of “Better Call Saul,” “changes it all” for main character Saul Goodman, played by Bob Odenkirk, in an in-depth, live interview with the series star on the “Variety After-Show.” After the episode premieres (7 pm PST, 10 pm EST) head over to Variety’s Instagram for a live question and answer session with Odenkirk going over ... more

'Better Call Saul' Review: 'Wexler v. Goodman' Is a Skillful Parade of Gut-Wrenching Switches

Refusing to take no for an answer is just one of the many double-edged swords on “Better Call Saul.” You could argue that the show’s existence (and frequent excellence) is a continuous rebuttal to all those who argued that the very idea of the show was a mistake. In a way, many of the characters on the show have stuck around precisely because they refuse to be bowed by whatever system is trying to restrain them. Gus’ ongoing defiance of the Salamancas means that both his squeaky clean chicken establishment and his murky reserve r... more


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