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Becoming Us is an unscripted show that chronicles the life of 17 year old Ben Lehwald of Evanstan, Illinois, as his father Charlie transitions to Become Carly. The docu-series from Ryan Seacrest Productions will take Ben's perspective as he watches his dad divorce his mom, Suzy, before undergoing gender reassignment surgery. The series will also focus on Ben's girlfriend Dan more
...ielle, whose dad is also transitioning into a women.
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'Becoming Us' Season 1 Finale Recap: Sutton's Big Day Arrives

In the season 1 finale of Becoming Us, "EveryPictureTellsAStory," family and friends attend Ben's photography exhibit, Daniel makes a big decision, Carly continues to recover after her heart attack and everyone gathers for Sutton's wedding. Both Sutton and Ben have big events coming up and both are distracted by the health issues of loved ones. Carly is still in the hospital after her heart attack, and Sutton's soon-to-be father-in-law is still undergoing chemo. Bot... more Comments

'Becoming Us' Recap: An Unexpected Setback for Carly

In this episode of Becoming Us, "#Blindsided," Sutton and Kevin receive upsetting news that could delay their trip down the aisle, Carly and Suzy make peace, Ben has a new love interest and Carly deals with a health crisis. Ben's got a new girlfriend, and the vibe is definitely different than when he was with Danielle. They are way more kissy. Her name is Gavin, and she shares his love of photography. And while she may not have a transgender parent, she knows all about Carl... more Comments

'Becoming Us' Recap: Carly Undergoes Surgery

In this episode of Becoming Us, "#AllTheTrimmings," Suzy, Ben and Sutton head to NYC to spend Thanksgiving with family, Carly undergoes sexual reassignment surgery in Arizona and Lathan has a special visitor. Before Sutton, Suzy and Ben head to the Big Apple to celebrate Thanksgiving, Suzy has a sit-down with Carly. Let's just say Carly's ex ball and chain is not pleased. It seems Carly sent Suzy a text saying she didn't have the money for Ben's school fees. This is upsetting to... more Comments

'Becoming Us' Recap: Do Ben and Carly Experience a Breakthrough?

In this episode of Becoming Us, "#TheLetter," Suzy gets support from Daniel's ex-wife, Mandy, Carly prepares for her surgery, Daniel goes on a date and Carly shares something very personal with Ben and Sutton. Benjamin is bummed. Yeah, he didn't want to have a serious girlfriend, but he also didn't want to lose his closest gal pal. Sis Sutton convinces him to get out and catch a movie. On the cab ride there, the two discuss an upcoming dinner they're supposed to... more Comments

'Becoming Us' Recap: Ben and Danielle Make a Decision About Their Future

In this episode of Becoming Us, "#LoveHurts," Ben and Danielle have doubts about their future together, Suzy and Sutton head to NYC to prepare for the wedding, and Ayton and Brook hit a rough patch in their relationship. Ben also turns to Carly for advice about Danielle. Young Benjamin wants to put Danielle strictly in the friend zone. Carly's definitely down with Ben not settling down at the age of 16, so she offers her son some sound advice: be honest. Ben's worried about how ... more Comments

'Becoming Us' Recap: Does Carly Steal Sutton's Thunder?

I was lucky enough to catch up with Laurence Rickard ahead of the second series of the fantasy comedy series Yonderland which returns to Sky 1 on Monday July 13th at 8pm. Where did the idea for the series come from? It was a kind of a meeting of minds, when we knew that Horrible Histories was coming to an end we wanted to do something else together. We wanted to do something where we could r... more Comments

'Becoming Us' Recap: Lathan Confides in Carly

In this episode of Becoming Us, "#Heart2Heart," Daniel tries online dating. Lathan grows closer to Carly and reveals a very personal secret, and Ben continues to struggle in school. There's no dipping your toe in the pool to get used to the water in this episode. Danielle and her dad, Daniel, talk dating. Dan, who, unlike Carly, refers to himself as 'he' and doesn't appear to have immediate plans to undergo gender reassignment surgery, just broke things off with his latest love ... more Comments

'Becoming Us' Recap: Can a Camping Trip Bring Ben and Carly Closer?

In this episode of Becoming Us, "#IntoTheWild," Carly takes Ben and his friends camping, Sutton's fiance arrives in town, and Brook and Lathan delve into their own family history. Ben, not convinced that he'll be getting more parental attention from Carly, calls her bluff. He wants to go camping just like in the old days. It's a good way for Carly to prove that, without being burdened by the distractions of living a disingenuous life, she's able to be more emoti... more Comments

'Big Brother 17' Casts First Transgender Contestant

The biggest twist of Big Brother 17 won't come from the producers, but one of the houseguests. According to TMZ , Big Brother 17 cast member Audrey Middleton is the show's first transgender contestant. Audrey, a 25-year-old digital media consultant from Georgia, will be one of 14 new HGs competing on the show this summer. TMZ reports that she was born Adam and transitioned to a woman several years ago. TMZ adds that while her family was initially conflicted about the decision, they now accept her for who she is.... more Comments

'Becoming Us' Recap: Ben Distances Himself from Carly

In this episode of Becoming Us, "#FalloutBoy," Ben struggles to accept Carly's decision to have surgery, Danielle's parents offer Ben some advice, Brook finds herself trying to broker peace between Ayton and Lathan, and Carly feels shut out. After learning that Carly plans to get sex reassignment surgery, Ben reaches out to Danielle. He's having trouble processing the finality of the situation. Danielle can relate; she feels like she lost her father as well. To furt... more Comments

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