Beauty and the Beast

Aired: Oct 07, 2013 , Thursday at 21:00 on CW


Episode Summary: Three months after Vincent Keller was abducted by Muirfield, Detective Catherine Chandler, is reunited with him - but not in the way she planned. He's changed: his scar has disappeared, his memory has been wiped clean and he returns as a supercharged beast on a mysterious mission. Catherine needs to unravel the reasons behind Vincent's change if she has any more
...hopes of recovering their epic love, while also trying to solve the secrets that swirl around her own life.
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Who Am I?

Catherine sleeps at her kitchen table surrounded by many missing person reports of Vincent. She dreams of how Gabe died and she resuscitated him, and then wakes to an alarm on her phone going off. Catherine calls Forbes and asks if he has any leads on Vincent. He says that it's been three months and suggests that she takes a break. Forbes doesn't find anything about him but she feels that he's still alive. She promises not to stop until she finds him because she loves him, Forbes admits that he is also worried abou... more

Season 2 Premiere The New Vincent

This week's season 2 premiere of Beauty and the Beast, "Who Am I?" wastes no time welcoming viewers back into the emotional turmoil of Cat Chandler's life. The episode opens on a shot of Cat asleep on a table littered with notices of a missing person -- Vincent Keller -- who was taken by Muirfield in the season 1 finale and has been missing ever since. "It's been a long three months," as she says later on.Vincent is Out There SomewhereIn a flashback, we... more

The Beast is Back

The anticipation was high for the return of Beauty and the Beast Season 2, and we were treated to an excellent premiere episode with " Who Am I?" even if it could have been more aptly titled "Who Are You?" as Vincent has no recollection of the people he once loved. Forgetting himself seemed, to him, easier to forgive than forgetting the "nice people" who hadn't given up on him. The premiere successfully reset some of the grievances from Beauty and the Beast Season 1 an... more



10 Times Cat and Vincent Gave Us Relationship Goals on 'Beauty and the Beast'

Some TV couples make us laugh, some make us cry, while other's intrigue us with their dysfunctional drama.  Beauty and the Beast's leading couple, Vincent and Catherine, do it all with their action packed story lines and unconditional love.  Here are 10 times the CW couple gave us real-life relationship goals. 1. When Cat and Vincent First Kissed   more

Casting Bits: 'Once Upon a Time' Recasts Gaston, Laura Dern Joins 'Twin Peaks' and More

Great news Twin Peaks fans -- a familiar face has officially signed on to be part of the revival and are joined by some new faces. Additionally, Once Upon a Time has found its Gaston for the Beauty and the Beast storyline, iZombie and more

2016 People's Choice Awards Winners

Awards season is officially underway, with CBS kicking off the season with its 42nd annual People Choice's Awards. Comedienne and hysterical actress Jane Lynch served as host for the star-studded event to great hilarity, even spoofing Steve Harvey's now infamous Miss Universe blunder. The competition for each category was extremely stiff this year, but the people have spoken. Check out the full list of winners from the 2016 more




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