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Kate Kane never planned to be Gotham’s new vigilante. Three years after Batman mysteriously disappeared, Gotham is a city in despair. Armed with a passion for social justice and a flair for speaking her mind, Kate soars through the shadowed streets of Gotham as Batwoman. But don’t call her a hero yet. In a city desperate for a savior, she must first overcome her own demons befo more embracing the call to be Gotham’s symbol of hope.
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Batwoman Episode Guide | TVBuzer

Batwoman Episode Guide


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AIRED ON April 18,2021

Season 2: Episode 11

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AIRS ON May 02,2021

Season 2: Episode 12


  • Season 2
    • NEXT EPISODE AIRS 05/02/21 AT 09:00 PM ON The CW

      Batwoman Season 2 Episode 12: Initiate Self-Destruct | TVBuzer
      Ryan is faced with a difficult decision that could expose her as Batwoman, creating a rift in the Bat Team. Meanwhile, Black Mask's plans fo...
    • CURRENT EPISODE AIRED 04/18/21 AT 09:00 PM ON The CW

      Batwoman Season 2 Episode 11: Arrive Alive | TVBuzer
      Arrive Alive
      Episode 11
      With Batwoman and The Crows each hot on the trail of the False Face Society, their efforts collide, and tension escalates. Alice seeks out E...
    • 04/11/21
      As Batwoman focuses even more effort on taking down Black Mask, a new foe emerges, diverting the Bat team's attention to a distressing issue...
    • Rule #1
      Episode 9
      Batwoman confronts Gotham's biggest foe, while new information forces those closest to Kate to make some difficult decisions. Ryan's feeling...
    • 03/21/21
      Batwoman's abilities are tested like never before, while Alice's search for Kate continues. Sophie and Jacob set their sights on Coryana, an...
    • 03/14/21
      As Ryan's condition worsens, she questions Batwoman's "no killing" code when she realizes the opportunity to avenge her mother is slipping a...
    • 02/28/21
      As Ryan Wilder's Kryptonite wound grows more severe, it hinders Batwoman's ability to protect Gotham. Growing interest in reproducing the se...
    • 02/21/21
      Batwoman is approached by Commander Kane and Agent Moore to boost an infamous work of art that reveals the way to Coryana - and Kate. Despit...
    • 02/14/21
      As Batwoman attempts to fight the proliferation of Snake Bite through Gotham, a random encounter forces her to revisit her painful past. Emp...
    • 01/31/21
      As Ryan Wilder continues to prove herself as Batwoman, she encounters the challenge of every superhero - living a double life. Mary is still...
    • 01/24/21
      After her quick spin in the Batgear, Ryan Wilder is back to facing the daily challenges of life as herself. Meanwhile, Alice has a new, dev...
    • Kate's friends and family hold on to hope that Kate may still be found, a homeless 25-year-old named Ryan Wilder stumbles upon Kate's Batsui...
  • Season 1
  • Special