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Kate Kane never planned to be Gotham’s new vigilante. Three years after Batman mysteriously disappeared, Gotham is a city in despair. Armed with a passion for social justice and a flair for speaking her mind, Kate soars through the shadowed streets of Gotham as Batwoman. But don’t call her a hero yet. In a city desperate for a savior, she must first overcome her own demons befo more embracing the call to be Gotham’s symbol of hope.
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Batwoman Episode Guide


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Season 2: Episode 11

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  • Season 2
  • Season 1
    • O, Mouse!
      Episode 20
      When one of Gotham's former heroes returns to his old stomping grounds to settle a score, both Batwoman and Commander Kane find themselves ...
    • When members of Gotham's intelligentsia begin disappearing, Commander Kane, Sophie and the Crows go searching for the newest homicidal threa...
    • Batwoman enlists Luke and Julia for an undercover mission to recover one of the most important items from her cousin's arsenal. While Alice ...
    • 04/26/20
      Batwoman encounters a new challenge when an old villain resurfaces, testing the heroics of Gotham's most stand-up citizens. Alice's limits a...
    • 03/22/20
      Kate begins to question her instincts and Luke gets upsetting news. Alice seeks her sister's help with a special task....
    • 03/15/20
      More of Alice's dark past is uncovered when Cartwright shares a twisted story with Kate while Jacob goes searching for his wayward daughter....
    • 03/08/20
      Batwoman and Luke are on the trail of a villain targeting social media mavens. Sophie gets an unexpected visit from her mother, and Mary off...
    • Drink Me
      Episode 13
      A new villain sinks her teeth into Gotham and The Hold Up opens in grand fashion. Sophie reluctantly requests that Batwoman keep her distanc...
    • 02/16/20
      As Kate is pulled between two sisters, Luke and Mary are tasked with finding the cause behind Beth's debilitating headaches. A visitor deliv...
    • 01/26/20
      On the Kane sisters' birthday, Kate and Alice contend with demons from the past, and an unexpected guest makes a surprise appearance in Goth...
    • While Gotham busies itself reacting to Batwoman's awkward encounter, Alice celebrates her ultimate act of vengeance with Mouse. A devastated...
    • The group uses Ray's invention to track new recruits to help save the universe. The Monitor sends Iris, Clark and Lois in search of a myster...
    • 12/01/19
      Kate and Alice continue their sister/nemesis dance, while Alice and Mouse construct their most evil plan yet. Mary invites Kate to a special...
    • 11/17/19
      Kate and Sophie must reconcile with their past as Kate questions just how much she can trust her former lover. Kate and Luke have an encount...
    • A disturbing death has Gotham reeling and the city reaches out for their new vigilante hero. Luke confides in Kate, while Sophie asks Jacob ...
    • Alice takes Kate down the sad, winding road of her life in the days after the accident as Jacob and Sophie attempt to track them. Mary has a...
    • Who Are You?
      Episode 4
      A new villain with an eye for all things that sparkle drops in on the city. Kate attempts to find a balance between her personal life and he...
    • 10/20/19
      As the city waits impatiently for another visit from who they think is Batman, Alice continues to taunt Kate with a secret but also sets her...
    • 10/13/19
      Back in Gotham, battling Alice and the Wonderland Gang from the shadows, Kate Kane continues to be haunted by the events surrounding her sis...
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      After years of training, Kate Kane returns to Gotham to become a member of her father Jacob's security team, the Crows. Batman disappeared t...
  • Special