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Episode Summary: Barry's patience is put to the test when a figure from Sally's past arrives in LA. Gene gets a pleasant surprise and encourages Barry to believe that change is possible.
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They say timing is everything. Whether Barry's timing is good or terrible during Barry Season 2 Episode 4 depends on how you look at it. Barry's journey is significantly changed when he meets Sally's Ex, Sam. But another sharp turn reveals itself that could throw a wrench in his plans again. The opportunity arose for Barry to use his particular set of skills to right a wrong he finds very unjust. Very few people would have blamed him if he chose to exercise ... more



'Barry' Trailer: Get Ready for Even More NoHo Hank in Season 2

“Emmy Winner Henry Winkler” is one of those phrases that’s just gratifying to see on a title card, especially now that it’s true. A quick five months after both he and star Bill Hader picked up awards for their work on the HBO show “Barry,” it looks like both actors are back for more of what made the first season one of 2018’s most enjoyable watches. The network released a new trailer on Friday, showing how the title character is moving on from some truly fateful decisions at the close of Season 1. Gene (Winkler... more

'Barry' First Trailer: TV's Favorite Hitman Works on His Memoirs in Season 2

“Barry” was one of the most critically acclaimed premieres of 2018. So what does Bill Hader’s HBO comedy do for a follow-up? Stay right in the spotlight, it looks like. HBO recently released a first teaser for Season 2, showing Hader’s title character not only avoiding running from the authorities, but mulling over the idea of turning his life story into a theatrical production. Almost all of the fan favorite characters appear to have returned for this deeper dive into Barry’s psyche, including the valley’s most ... more




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