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Detective Everett Backstrom is an offensive, irascible detective, as he tries, and fails, to change his self-destructive behavior. Throughout the series, Backstrom leads his team, the Serious Crimes Unit, as they navigate Portland’s most sensitive cases.
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Backstrom: SEASON 1, EPISODE 13: Rock Bottom | TVBuzer

Aired: April 30,2015

When a Native American is found dead under a bridge on the Wabacooche Indian reservation, Amy's new boyfriend and Indian Reserve Police Captain, Jesse Rocha, wants in on the case. Backstrom then learns that Indian meth-king Norwest, of Cooch County, is a suspect in the case, and he is convinced his father, Cooch County Sheriff Blue Backstrom, knows... more

Backstrom LATEST REVIEWS | TVBuzer


Dragon Slayer

On Backstrom Season 1 Episode 1 we met Everett Backstrom, an overweight, offensive detective who struggles with his self-destructive tendencies and is just one member of an eccentric team of criminologists.  When I first started to watch, I assumed Backstrom was going to be about an insert description here jack-of-all trades cop who still manages to be the smartest guy in the room and solve all the cases. In fact, the way it ended didn't change my opinion... more


On Backstrom Season 1 Episode 2 both the team and criminals very much underestimated the motivations of the other. Rather than helping him, Backstrom's understanding of human nature led him to pursue the wrong criminal and make incorrect assumptions.  Backstrom initially assumed that the arson investigator only handed over the case because she wanted to spread the blame for not being able to solve it. He was right that she had an ulterior motive, but didn't realize until he ... more

Takes One to Know One

On Backstrom Season 1 Episode 3 Backstrom's ex-fianceé accuses him of thinking there is always a bad guy laughing at him. These words proved to be worth remembering as we saw how Backstrom solved this week's case.  There were more than a couple of interesting things about this hour of Backstrom. Let's begin the breakdown by starting with Backstrom's character development.  I was taken aback (not shocked) to to find out that Backstrom was engaged to a very attractive wo... more



Backstrom: FOX Cancels 'The Following,' NBC Axes 'Constantine,' 'State of Affairs' and 'Marry Me' News | TVBuzer

FOX Cancels 'The Following,' NBC Axes 'Constantine,' 'State of Affairs' and 'Marry Me'

While the major networks have mostly announced their new shows and renewals, there are still a few decisions left to be made. On Friday, FOX and NBC cancelled three major shows. On FOX, Kevin Bacon's The Following will end after three seasons. Currently wrapping up its third and final season Mondays at 8pm, The Following slipped in the ratings ... more

Backstrom: 'Backstrom' Finale Recap: Does Backstrom Find Resolution at Rock Bottom? News | TVBuzer

'Backstrom' Finale Recap: Does Backstrom Find Resolution at Rock Bottom?

Backstrom's finale, are you ready for it? I. Am. Not. I have been addicted to this puzzle of a show since I binge watched the first three episode before they became public. Backstrom has had me howling with laughter, insatiably curious about its titular character, charmed by the colorfulness and likability of each member of the SCU, and moved by the struggles of Everett Backstrom. If this show doesn't get renewed, I will be sorely disappointed. (Do you hear that, FOX? Can you feel my beady... more

Backstrom: 'Backstrom' Recap: Backstrom Gets His Cork Unscrewed News | TVBuzer

'Backstrom' Recap: Backstrom Gets His Cork Unscrewed

Holy crap almighty, Batman, that blood-spitting, effed-up, mostly-dead guy outside Backstrom's rub-a-dub tub in the opening sequence of "Cork Screwed" is none other than Valentine's nemesis, Dante Trippi! Trippi, in case you don't recall, is the badass electronics dealer who rearranged Val's face back in " Inescapable Truth" when he caught him poaching. Finding Valentine in a crumpled weeping heap, an infuriated Backstrom shoved his badge into Trippi's broken and bleeding mouth and threatened to take away more


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