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Episode Summary: The fan reaction from the release of the first cast photo has the gang riding high, until the table read serves up major disappointment. The cast bands together to try to rewrite the script, but can't come to an agreement on storylines. Meanwhile, Shannen questions her decision to join the reboot, Jennie lets Kyler audition for a role and Brian learns some s more
...hocking information about Zach.
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The Table Read

Now that all the major players are on board, it’s time to start production on the reboot! Well, not so fast. Poor Tori just can’t catch a break these days. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. And on BH90210 Season 1 Episode 4, the issue is the script. It has to be incredibly difficult to join a series with such a storied history and begin crafting a new narrative. Not only do you have to set the right tone, but you have to get the nuisances and the ... more



Shannen Doherty Says Her Breast Cancer Has Returned at Stage Four

Shannen Doherty has revealed that her breast cancer diagnosis has returned. During an interview with ABC News which aired Tuesday on “Good Morning America,” Doherty said she’s at “stage four,” adding that “it’s a bitter pill to swallow in a lot of ways.” Doherty was initially diagnosed back in March 2015, and has been in remission for the last few years. As recently as August 2019, Doherty talked about being in remission... more


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