Astronomy Club

Aired: Sep 28, 2018 , at on Comedy Central

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Episode Summary: A grieving widow is shocked to learn that her in-laws employed a questionable discount service to finance her husband's funeral.
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Kenya Barris' Sketch Show 'Astronomy Club' Canceled by Netflix After 1 Season

The Kenya Barris-produced sketch show “Astronomy Club” has been canceled by Netflix after one season, TheWrap has learned. The six-episode sketch series launched on the streaming service Dec. 6. A source familiar with the situation says the cancellation news was shared with the “Astronomy Club” team back in February. Here’s the official description for “Astronomy Club,” which was produced by Barris’ Ink Society: The members o... more

Netflix's 'Astronomy Club: The Sketch Show': TV Review

The premiere of “Astronomy Club” is so dense with fully-formed jokes, wry social commentaries, and wild left turns that you’d be forgiven for wondering if you accidentally dropped into the show’s second season rather than its first. There are sketches about a life or death hair emergency, the chain reaction of biases of people sizing each other up from either side of a locked apartment building door, and a harrowing disaster from the perspective of its gingerbread-men victims. There&rs... more


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