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Episode Summary: When a mysterious new Deathstroke appears in Star City, Oliver and Team Arrow insist on taking down this villain themselves. Meanwhile, reeling from the loss of one of their own, the future Team Arrow figures out a new way to try and stop JJ.
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Present Tense

Mia finally got to meet the dad she never knew, and William reunited with his dead father. It should have been a joyful moment, right? Well, not exactly. If you take two Oliver Queens and try to make them click right off the bat, you are not going to get the expected result. Two stubborn people do not equal a father/daughter heart-melting occasion. Thankfully, William, as our resident Felicity Smoak was there to give them the push they needed on Arrow Season 8 Episode 4. ... more



Arrow's Very Final Words of Dialogue Revealed: Who Says Them? To Whom?

We have a new nugget of intel about the Arrow series finale, and it is exactly five letters long. Three weeks after sharing the cover of the flagship Arrowverse series’ final script — which showed the title to be “Fadeout,” as in, among other things, a part of an archer’s bow — as well as the last page (which revealed the final two words of stage direction: “Of possibility….), Arrow consulting producer MArc Guggenheim announ... more

Arrow Team Shares Memories and Tributes as Filming Wraps: 'What This Show Accomplished Is No Small Feat'

Arrow cast and producers aimed to hit the emotional bull’s-eye by sharing fond memories and powerful tributes as The CW’s flagship Arrowverse series filmed its final scenes on Wednesday. Series lead Stephen Amell got the ball running days ago, by sharing the above photo and noting, “Tonight is the last night I wear the Arrow suit.” But when the actual final day of filming arrived, consulting producer/former showrunner Marc Guggenheim tweeted out the note he shared ... more

Which Arrowverse Heroes Would Swear, If Their Shows Were on DC Universe?

What if Arrow‘s titular vigilante scolded scalawags by growling, “You have failed this f–king city!”? What if The Flash‘s Cisco greeted the latest Wells doppelganger by groaning, “Great. Another f–king a–hole.” We never hear such expletives uttered by the heroes (or villains) of broadcast-TV’s Arrowverse slate, which also includes Supergirl, Legends of Tomorro... more


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