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Episode Summary: Oliver and Thea are shocked to hear that Roy Harper is back in Star City. However, when they discover the circumstances of Roy's return, Oliver and Thea realize that Roy is in trouble and jump in to save him. Black Siren makes a shocking decision.
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If there is one lesson to take away from Arrow Season 6 Episode 15 it is that things are not slowing down anytime soon. Especially as the Dragon is now rising in Ricardo Diaz who is beginning his take over of Star City and the fall of Oliver Queen. I have been stoked for "Doppelganger" ever since it was announced that Roy Harper was returning. Colton Haynes was always one of the best parts of Arrow when he was on. But what had me more stoked was what this would do for ... more

Thea Leaps Back into Action to Save Roy Harper from Harm

After the mess that was the civil war episode of "Collison Course," Arrow gets (way) back to basics in this episode, "Doppelganger." After a lengthy absence, Roy Harper is back and Thea puts back on her Speedy outfit. That's not all either. Laurel Lance is also "resurrected," even if it's just as a new mask for Black Siren. Even if all these returns end up being temporary, which is likely, they still facilitate a deeply satisfying and weirdly nostalgic episode of Arrow. more



Arrow Recap: Thanks for the Memories? - Grade the Planted Spinoff Pilot

In its penultimate episode ever, The CW’s Arrow planted a seed for the future on Tuesday with a spinoff pilot that teamed up 2020’s Laurel and Dinah with 2040’s Mia. If Green Arrow and the Canaries goes to series, would you tune in? First things first: If you came away from this planted spinoff pilot a bit (or even a lot) confused, that is perfectly understandable, seeing as it actually takes place after the e... more

Performer of the Week: Ben Mendelsohn

THE PERFORMER | Ben Mendelsohn THE SHOW | HBO’s The Outsider THE EPISODE | “Fish in a Barrel” (Jan. 12, 2020) THE PERFORMANCE  more

'Crisis on Infinite Earths' QuickCap: What Happened in Parts 1, 2 and 3

The Arrowverse‘s game-changing Crisis is about to sweep back across your screen. But after five long weeks (and much holiday revelry), do you possibly remember what has happened thus far? The opening stretch of The CW’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover event delivered a comic book spectacle with more action sequences and cameos than you could count. Over just three episodes, we saw the return of Lex Luthor, the death of Oliver Queen, and the Arrowverse debut of Black Lightning. Oh, and there w... more


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