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Level-headed son Michael Bluth takes over family affairs after his father is imprisoned. But the rest of his spoiled, dysfunctional family are making his job unbearable.
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Arrested Development: SEASON 5, EPISODE 16: The Fallout | TVBuzer

Aired: March 15,2019

As the Bluths come together to unveil a wall, they once again discover that they deserve nothing more than to be saddled with each other forever.... more

Arrested Development LATEST REVIEWS | TVBuzer


Season 4 Review: 15 Episodes of Bluth Insanity

Arrested Development is back! After ending its award-winning, low-rated three seasons on FOX in 2006, the show has resurfaced with a fourth season on Netflix. All 15 new episodes are currently available. Like many Arrested Development fans, I gorged myself on all 15 episodes Sunday. It's a different, far more complicated tale that is neither the total genius some might have hoped for nor the colossal letdown others feared. Arrested Development season 4 is ambitious, complex and ... more

A Chip Off The Old Block

So we’ve finally made it to the end of this much anticipated fourth season of Arrested Development and it only makes sense that it would focus on George Michael and his father. I went into " Blockheads" with high hopes and sadly was let down with an episode that was full of story but not much of the humor and wit that has been a trademark of the series. With the beginning of this episode we are back to Michael and George Michael on the phon... more

In The Army Now

While his parents and siblings might be the main focus of the story, it’s Buster Bluth that provides so many of the memorable moments in both the Arrested Development of the past and this new season, most especially in " Off the Hook."  In an episode that relied heavily on callbacks and tropes, we are reminded how much better the Bluths are when they are working together. At the same time. On the same screen. It would be very easy to fall i... more



Arrested Development: TV Shows We Quit in 2019 News | TVBuzer

TV Shows We Quit in 2019

It’s official: with the amount of scripted series alone hitting the 500 mark and refusing to stop there, there is just too much content available to keep up with all of it. But although the quantity of series offered continues to grow, that does not automatically mean the quality increases as well. As such, no one should feel bad if they have to let go of a new show, no matter how buzzed-about or once-beloved it may be. In keeping with that sentiment, here are all the series the Variety staff stopped watching in 2019. more

Arrested Development: 'Arrested Development': David Cross Thinks the Netflix Show Is Finally Finished News | TVBuzer

'Arrested Development': David Cross Thinks the Netflix Show Is Finally Finished

he question of “Will there be another season of ‘Arrested Development?'” is one that will never truly go away as long as humans still inhabit this planet. But one of the central cast members thinks that the next round of episodes might very well be it for the show. “I’ve learned to say ‘never say never,’ but I can’t see it happening again, I think for a number of reasons,” Cross told supervising producer Henry Melcher on the most recent e... more

Arrested Development: Netflix Officially Orders 'Arrested Development' Season 5 News | TVBuzer

Netflix Officially Orders 'Arrested Development' Season 5

The Bluths are coming back once again. Netflix has made it official that Arrested Development will return for season 5. The Emmy-winning comedy originally aired on FOX for its first three seasons, but seven years after it was cancelled Netflix ordered and released a fourth season. Now, four more years after season 4 aired, Netflix is going to give fans even more Arrested Development. Se... more


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