Antiques Road Trip

Aired: Nov 27, 2020 , Weekdays at 16:30 on BBC one

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Episode Summary: Phil and Tim are in Wales for their last leg, but there's no saying who is on their last legs as we reach the end of this epic - they both set out with bags of cash from their previous successes. As the rain sets in, Phil is a sight to behold in his waterproof poncho on the bike, and Tim takes a soaking while putting the roof on the convertible classic car. more
...Just as the weather isn't playing ball, Phil isn't playing Welsh handball either, though he does visit the last court of its kind in Wales. Meanwhile, Tim gets a taste of the national dish, Welsh rarebit, and discovers it's more than just cheese on toast. Phil gets carried away by traditional Welsh country antiques - and then risks a hernia carrying a grandfather clock. Tim splashes out on some fine silver and takes his chances on three very old Chinese plates. Who will be first over the finishing line?
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