Antiques Road Trip

Aired: Jan 31, 2020 , Weekdays at 16:30 on BBC one

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Episode Summary: We're nearing the end of the road for our two adventurous antiquers, Louise Gostelow and David Harper. They're out on the windy moors of West Yorkshire, hoping to bag an item or two to take to their final auction. Louise is looking to clean up as she gets her hands on a very early labour-saving device, as well as an illuminating bit of retro chic. David t more
...akes a shine to some theatre seats, but things get complicated when he tries to work out how many he can afford. He also has his eye on a saddle for a camel, which is bound to be indispensible in Yorkshire. Whilst out and about, David heads to Huddersfield to hear about the history of rugby league, before facing off against two big players of the game, both in reputation and stature. Meanwhile, Louise has her honour fought for by an actual knight in shining armour when she finds out about the development of jousting. Then it's off to their final tournament in the seaside town of Scarborough. Who will emerge victorious?
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