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American Pickers: Best Of Episode Guide | TVBuzer

American Pickers: Best Of Episode Guide


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AIRED ON August 10,2020

Season 3: Episode 29


  • Season 3
    • CURRENT EPISODE AIRED 08/10/20 AT 08:00 PM ON History

      American Pickers: Best Of Season 3 Episode 29: Veteran Valor | TVBuzer
      Veteran Valor
      Episode 29
      A salute to our veterans as we share the most elite collections owned by vets of the greatest military in the world; THE US ARMED FORCES! If...
    • 06/19/20
      Rare, Rusty and Priceless equals Best Pick Ever! Roll through the memories with Mike and Frank as we take a look back at their best one of a...
    • 4 Wheel Gold
      Episode 27
      Mike and Dani hit the jackpot in an old barn where they find not one, but two Deloreans and take a once-in-a lifetime joyride back to the fu...
    • 06/12/20
      Dig out your bell bottoms, get out the disco ball. Join Mike and Frank on a far-out trip back to the '70's. It's muscle cars meets rock n' r...
    • 06/01/20
      The pickin' gods are smiling on Mike and Frank when they strike petrol-iana gold cruising the backroads of the Midwest....
    • Wild West Gold
      Episode 24
      Saddle up pilgrims for the rarest, wildest, and most explosive picks ever to come out of the "Old West". Mike and Frank stick to their guns ...
    • 05/11/20
      A smokin' widowmaker, vintage Knucklehead and rare Indian are just some of the hot, wild rides for Mike in this episode....
    • Dr. Picker
      Episode 22
      The boys have an appointment with the doctor....
    • 04/20/20
      Feast your eyes on the most amazing Man Cave Picks of all time! Mike and Frank strap on their pickin' boots and go deep into Man Cave Countr...
    • 04/13/20
      Freestyling in PA, the boys meet Satch who owns some pricey vintage bikes. When Satch takes a shine to Frank, can he turn on the charm to cu...
    • We Are Family
      Episode 19
      It's a Pickin' family when Mike and Frank combine with Dani, Robbie, Dave, Mefford and Jersey John to transform an Indian into motorcycle go...
    • Big Pickin'
      Episode 18
      The fellas are on a mission for one-of-a-kind, super-sized finds. An eight-foot boot! A full-sized motor home! But--will they fit in the van...
    • Lil Riches
      Episode 17
      The cash is flying when Mike and Frank go pickin' smalls with Big Prices and Big Profits....
    • The Big Fix
      Episode 16
      Mike and his crew of experts attempt to pull off impossible restorations no others would attempt. Picking this fun should be illegal....
    • 01/26/20
      Mike and Frank dive into a treasure hunt of picks from the sea. Dani goes after a gem from the Amazon and Robbie haggles for nautical gold w...
    • 01/09/20
      Mike makes a perfect trade, scoring a motor for his 1911 Indian. He and Frank have a ball, trading and swapping their way across the country...
    • 01/02/20
      Mike stumbles upon a one-of-a kind '39 Cadillac Madam X with a steep price tag. Will he be able to resist? Meanwhile Frank puts it all on th...
    • Barnyard Bling
      Episode 12
      Mike and Frank blow the doors off of America's barns searching for some farm fresh picking folklore....
    • Garage Gold
      Episode 11
      Mike gets a case of bad-to-the-bone Fairlane Fever and he also goes back to the future in a Dolorean with Dani when the Pickers chase Garage...
    • 11/25/19
      Mike and Frank are on a nationwide hunt for the hottest movie memorabilia that Hollywood has forgotten....
    • Gaming Gold
      Episode 9
      It's Game On for Mike and Frank when they score an 80's inspired arcade of jackpot picks and a super-rare, horse racing game that Mike bets ...
    • 11/14/19
      Mike and Frank's skills are put to the test when they come across a bunch of tough negotiators....
    • 11/07/19
      Mike and Frank put the pedal to the picking metal in this non-stop car picking spectacular....
    • On the creepiest, spookiest and kookiest night of the year, Mike and Frank come across a collector with a taste for high voltage oddities....
    • 10/24/19
      Rockets! Rayguns! Robots! Mike and Frank have a blast encountering out of this world picks....
    • 10/17/19
      Mike and Frank return to their favorite part of the country to pick more of New England's rich history....
    • Off the Grid
      Episode 3
      Mike and Frank meet some interesting characters whose collections are even more far out and ripe for picking...
    • Dani 3D
      Episode 2
      Dani and Mike combine for star power picking and find rare Beauties and Evel Knievel items....
    • Flyer Finds
      Episode 1
      Freestyling on the road, Mike and Frank check off all the boxes on their flyer as they pick some real treasures....
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