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Katie Otto, a confident, unapologetic wife and mother of three, raises her flawed family in the wealthy town of Westport, Connecticut, filled with "perfect" mommies and their "perfect" offspring. Katie's perfectly imperfect world is upended when her neighbor's decision to move notches her up from her ideal social standing and sets her on a path to ensure that doesn't happen, re more
...gardless of the consequences.
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American Housewife Episode Guide


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AIRED ON May 14,2019

Season 3: Episode 22

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Season 3: Episode 23


  • Season 3
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      American Housewife Season 3 Episode 23: A Mom's Parade | TVBuzer
      A Mom's Parade
      Episode 23
      Frustrated by the lack of appreciation for all she does, Katie decides to leave the family to fend for itself....

      American Housewife Season 3 Episode 22: The Dance | TVBuzer
      The Dance
      Episode 22
      With the kids away at the school dance, Katie and Greg look forward to a romantic evening alone; Anna-Kat is crushed when the boy she likes ...
    • 05/07/19
      Anna-Kat becomes best friends with Chloe Brown Mueller's daughter; Greg encourages Oliver to be honest with his girlfriend and not hide his ...
    • Field Trippin'
      Episode 20
      Fearing she's spending too much time at the office, Katie volunteers to chaperone Anna-Kat's school field trip; Greg takes a creative approa...
    • Grandma's Way
      Episode 19
      When Katie gets sick, Greg enlists Kathryn's help in taking care of the kids; Taylor gets a taste of her own medicine when she tries to help...
    • Phone Free Day
      Episode 18
      In order to avoid buying Anna-Kat a cellphone, Katie makes a pact with the girls that she and Taylor can go an entire day without using thei...
    • 04/09/19
      When Katie forgets Greg's birthday, she attempts to make up for it by pulling together a last-minute dinner party....
    • Insta-Friends
      Episode 16
      Katie feels left out when Greg becomes fast friends with the newest member of the Westport Historical Guild; Oliver fears Cooper is ditching...
    • Baby Crazy
      Episode 14
      Katie panics when Greg is hit with a bout of baby fever; Taylor tricks Oliver into helping her....
    • American Idol
      Episode 15
      Greg enlists Oliver and Anna-Kat's help to drum up new recruits for the Westport Historical Guild; Katie does her best to support Taylor's d...
    • 02/19/19
      Katie encourages Greg to splurge on an overnight getaway; Oliver's attempt at a rebellious streak ends in disaster; Taylor comes to the real...
    • Disconnected
      Episode 12
      Katie plans a "friend date" in hopes of reconnecting with Taylor; Greg attends self-help seminar with Oliver; Anna-Kat takes extreme measure...
    • 02/05/19
      Greg's insistence on doing the family's taxes prompts Katie to take matters into her own hands; Oliver and Anna-Kat join forces in an attemp...
    • 12/12/18
      Katie strives to keep her long-separated parents apart when her father arrives in time to surprise the Otto family for Christmas. Anna-Kat d...
    • 12/05/18
      Oliver and Taylor stumble through their love lives, making Katie miss the spontaneity and unpredictability of being young and in love. Meanw...
    • Trophy Wife
      Episode 8
      Katie lands the perfect pawn to play on the insecurities of the Westport housewives when she convinces a hot young trophy wife named Harper ...
    • The Code
      Episode 7
      Katie learns that the pin code the Ottos use for everything spells out Greg's ex-girlfriend's name, and retaliates by dragging out old gifts...
    • Body Image
      Episode 6
      The previous "fattest housewife" in Westport gets plastic surgery to lose weight, and Chloe Brown Mueller rubs it in Katie's face that Katie...
    • Trust Me
      Episode 5
      When Taylor decides she wants to go to a Halloween party, Greg and Katie disagree on whether or not Taylor can be trusted. Oliver and Cooper...
    • 10/17/18
      Anna-Kat runs for the Green Chair position in the school election against Chloe Brown Mueller's daughter, which results in Katie and Chloe t...
    • 10/10/18
      When Katie's mom, Kathryn (Wendie Malick), comes to town, Katie and Kathryn encourage the kids to make less than favorable decisions: Oliver...
    • 10/03/18
      With her new job taking up more of her time, Katie and Greg try to split up parenting duties. Katie over-involves herself in Taylor's social...
    • Mom Guilt
      Episode 1
      Katie goes back to work as a party planner, which brings new challenges of balancing home and work life into the mix....
  • Season 2
    • 05/16/18
      When things start to fall apart at the last minute, Katie figures out a new way to make the spring gala a success. Meanwhile, Greg attempts ...
    • 05/09/18
      In order to impress the other moms at school, Katie, Taylor and Oliver travel to New York to track down Nathan Fillion at a "Firefly" conven...
    • 05/02/18
      When Katie starts her day in a bad mood, the Ottos come together to cheer her up; but in an alternate reality and in a different sweater, Ka...
    • 04/11/18
      Katie and Greg struggle to resist the urge to micromanage as their children navigate life choices, such as landing your first job, picking o...
    • 04/04/18
      After the passing of a family friend, the Ottos all react differently to the allotment of the deceased's inheritance...
    • 03/21/18
      Katie and Greg struggle to help the kids accept loss as a family friend suddenly passes away and as their pet pig, Hans Gruber, must be retu...
    • The Venue
      Episode 18
      Katie enlists Angela's legal help to convince Chloe Brown Mueller to sign off on the venue for the Spring Gala, but Angela ends up cozying u...
    • All Coupled Up
      Episode 17
      The Otto children experience struggles in their love lives after jumping into the dating world: Oliver is forced to choose between his girlf...
    • Field Day
      Episode 16
      Katie takes things too seriously at a field day competition; Greg makes chili for a competition....
    • The Mom Switch
      Episode 15
      After feeling unappreciated by Greg and the kids, Katie ditches her family for a day at her favorite hideaway spot and leaves Viv in charge ...
    • Midlife Crisis
      Episode 14
      Katie takes Oliver out of school for a day to help loosen him up after Oliver suffers from a meltdown about something minor. Meanwhile, Anna...
    • 01/17/18
      Katie and Greg dislike Taylor's new boyfriend, so they attempt to use reverse psychology to drive a wedge between them, which later backfire...
    • Selling Out
      Episode 12
      Katie is worried that the launch of Greg's new book might go poorly, so she enlists Angela and Doris to write positive reviews of the book o...
    • Blondetourage
      Episode 11
      Taylor enlists Oliver to help her carry out a scheme so she can ditch her less cool friend Ellen and go to a concert with her "blondetourage...
    • Blue Christmas
      Episode 10
      When Doris goes into labor and Katie heads to the hospital to be with her, the Ottos struggle to be in the same place at the same time in or...
    • The Couple
      Episode 9
      After feeling like their whole world and all of their conversations revolve around kids, Greg and Katie are ecstatic to meet new friends Zac...
    • Gala Auction
      Episode 8
      After failing to get donations on her own terms, Katie gives in to the dark side and teams up with Oliver to bribe rich Westport families to...
    • 11/15/17
      Greg makes big plans to impress his parents when they visit for Thanksgiving; but his vision is shattered when his neighbor Spencer and Kati...
    • 11/01/17
      Greg sides with Anna-Kat about keeping her beloved pet pig, despite Katie's objections, and he even plays dirty to win this battle. Meanwhil...
    • Boo-Who?
      Episode 5
      The Ottos receive a "Boo," which is a Westport tradition of an anonymous note and goodies being left on a neighbor's doorstep, and Katie is ...
    • 10/18/17
      A lice infestation occurs in the Otto household thanks to Anna-Kate, and Katie uses this as an excuse to bond with Taylor. Meanwhile, Greg a...
    • The Uprising
      Episode 3
      Taylor dyes her hair blonde without Katie's permission. Meanwhile, Anna-Kat decides she's now a vegetarian; and Greg and Katie help Oliver c...
    • Boar-Dain
      Episode 2
      Katie plans the spring gala her way, despite pressure from Oliver, Greg and Tara. Meanwhile, Oliver is emasculated by his ex-girlfriend, so ...
    • 09/27/17
      Katie must mend fences with the Westport moms by volunteering to run the school's spring gala. Meanwhile, Katie confronts Oliver's belittlin...
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