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Aired: Oct 23, 2019 , Wednesday at 22:00 on FX

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Episode Summary: With the horrors of the night behind them the survivors deal with the fallout of their choices.
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Return to Camp Redwood

There's a lot more story to tell! American Horror Story Season 9 Episode 6 was a pivotal installment of this FX hit. It had to prove that there was enough juice in the tank to finish out American Horror Story Season 9, while also tipping the hat to the episodes that came before it.  As the 100th episode of the series, there were some easter eggs thrown in for fans. Thankfully, they were done in a way that didn't take away from the overall theme.  Margaret w... more



Ahs: 1984's Leslie Grossman Applauds Margaret's 'Perfect' Finale Fate, Reflects on That 'Lovely Ending'

Margaret Booth may not have lived to be AHS: 1984‘s final girl, but she still played an unforgettable role in Wednesday’s finale, one that cost her an arm and a leg. And another arm. And another leg. “Ryan called me one day, and he said to me through laughter, ‘Well, we figured out what we’re doing to Margaret. We’re throwing her in a wood chipper!'” Leslie Grossman&n... more

American Horror Story Season 10: Ep Ryan Murphy Looking to Reunite 'Fan-Favorites' for Potential 'Last Season'

American Horror Story‘s next death could be its own. In the wake of Tuesday’s AHS: 1984 climax, franchise overlord Ryan Murphy says he’s already “working on an idea” for the 10th and potentially final season of the FX juggernaut. In an interview with our sister site Deadline, the series’ co-creator and EP reveals that fans “will love [Season 10] because it’s about reuniting fan-favorite actors… bec... more

Ahs: 1984 Finale Recap: Who Got the 'Happy Ending' They Deserved?

American Horror Story: 1984 reached its bloody conclusion on Wednesday with a massive time jump, a few oddly romantic twists and some well-deserved (not to mention thoroughly disgusting) justice. First things first: That fan theory about Finn Wittrock playing a grown-up version of Jingles’ son was 100-percent correct. The finale began by jumping ahead to 2019, where Bobby Richter arrived at Camp Redwood — what was left of it, anyway — in search of answe... more


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