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An anthology series centering on different characters and locations, including a house with a murderous past, an insane asylum, a witch coven, a freak show, a haunted hotel, a possessed farmhouse, a cult, the apocalypse and a slasher camp.
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American Horror Story: SEASON 9, EPISODE 9: Final Girl | TVBuzer

Aired: November 13,2019

Camp Redwood draws in a lost soul looking for closure.... more

American Horror Story LATEST REVIEWS | TVBuzer


Rest in Pieces

We were promised a killing spree, and what we got was certainly not a killing spree.  American Horror Story Season 9 Episode 8 should have featured the festival. Instead, it was purely set up for American Horror Story Season 9 Episode 9 -- the season finale -- and it's difficult not to feel disappointed.  If you watch American Horror Story online, you know the current chapter has moved along at breakneck pace, but it had to fall apart somewhere.  The only ... more

Return to Camp Redwood

There's a lot more story to tell! American Horror Story Season 9 Episode 6 was a pivotal installment of this FX hit. It had to prove that there was enough juice in the tank to finish out American Horror Story Season 9, while also tipping the hat to the episodes that came before it.  As the 100th episode of the series, there were some easter eggs thrown in for fans. Thankfully, they were done in a way that didn't take away from the overall theme.  ... more

Red Dawn

Was that the end of American Horror Story: 1984?  American Horror Story Season 9 Episode 5 seemingly brought the Camp Redwood arc to a close, and it was quite the adventure.  There were new and creative ways to off the characters, but I can't be the only one wondering what's coming next.  If we were supposed to feel bad for Donna because of her father's status as a killer in the past, then that particular plot was a resounding failure.  It's und... more



American Horror Story: Harry Hains, 'American Horror Story' and 'The OA' Actor, Dies at 27 News | TVBuzer

Harry Hains, 'American Horror Story' and 'The OA' Actor, Dies at 27

Actor Harry Hains, best known for his appearances in FX’s “American Horror Story” and Netflix’s “The OA,” died on Tuesday, his mother, actor Jane Badler, announced Friday on Instagram. He was 27. “On Jan. 7 my beautiful son died. He was 27 and had the world at his feet. But sadly he struggled with mental illness and addiction,” Badler... more

American Horror Story: 'American Horror Story' Renewed for 3 More Seasons at FX News | TVBuzer

'American Horror Story' Renewed for 3 More Seasons at FX

Ryan Murphy fans don’t have to worry about saying goodbye to “American Horror Story” any time soon, as FX has just renewed the anthology series for three more seasons before the show even debuts its 10th later this year, the cable channel announced during the Television Critics Association press tour Thursday. Created by Murphy and Brad Falchuk and produced by 20th Century Fox Television, the Emmy and Golden Globe-win... more

American Horror Story: Ahs: 1984's Leslie Grossman Applauds Margaret's 'Perfect' Finale Fate, Reflects on That 'Lovely Ending' News | TVBuzer

Ahs: 1984's Leslie Grossman Applauds Margaret's 'Perfect' Finale Fate, Reflects on That 'Lovely Ending'

Margaret Booth may not have lived to be AHS: 1984‘s final girl, but she still played an unforgettable role in Wednesday’s finale, one that cost her an arm and a leg. And another arm. And another leg. “Ryan called me one day, and he said to me through laughter, ‘Well, we figured out what we’re doing to Margaret. We’re throwing her in a wood chipper!'” Leslie Grossman&n... more


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    this show is a hundred shades of crazy, and i love it so much. i can't even fathom how much i adore this show, but ryan murphy and brad falchuk did an amazing job, and the acting is superb. a lot of people can't get their head around the story and characters changing every season, but i think it's an incredibly creative way to keep things exciting. COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS TO SEASON 3


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